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Mr. Bas
16-07-2008, 15:47:33
Had a few nice work trips to Ameland and Lyon over the last few weeks, with plenty of sun, good food, good wine, some fine talks and lots of shit ones. Alas, I'm now back in office, finishing up some work before my boss leaves for holiday, so I'll probably not be around very often for the next two weeks either. Not that I expect you to care....

I doubt anything happened here, but still, any interesting stories to share? Did Mr. G do anything particularly retarded? Is there any statistical analysis by MoSe I missed? Forum crises, anything?

16-07-2008, 15:48:30
There were actually a handful of posts.

Mr. Bas
16-07-2008, 15:50:48
But were there any good ones?

16-07-2008, 15:53:51
Own Goal.

Lurker the Second
16-07-2008, 16:00:23
Tizzy told Funko to clean the house. That was a good post.

Mr. Bas
16-07-2008, 16:09:45
Damn, too obvious.

And I see we have a serious thread! That's awesome, we're almost like a real forum now.

16-07-2008, 16:10:34
It's more of a parody of a serious thread I think.

Mr. Bas
16-07-2008, 16:12:24
It does seem to lack a few Darkstar-esque posts.