View Full Version : Why won't Jesse Helms just hurry up and die?

04-07-2008, 20:31:52
Oh, wait...


Drake Tungsten
04-07-2008, 21:13:47
I didn't know British people like you even knew who Jesse Helms was.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
04-07-2008, 21:24:33
Who cares when you have the link to this on the same page:


Drake Tungsten
04-07-2008, 21:25:55
Chestnut/Kobayashi is a much greater rivalry than Federer/Nadal.

Resource Consumer
05-07-2008, 15:31:39
Is he related to Buck Nuts in that awful US soap?

Nills Lagerbaak
07-07-2008, 08:03:47
Courtesy of The Mighty Swephen (MC) Hawking:

Why Won't Jesse Helms Just Hurry Up And Die?

Verse 1
Big fat fuck from North Carolina state,
he's a worthless piece of shit, he's a paragon of hate,
he's a redneck, fuck-face, brain-dead waste of space,
two-bit, two-timing, motherfucking pool of slime.
Against gay rights, and funding for the arts,
tried to cancel PBS and tear Big Bird apart.
cut AIDS funding, corporate welfare for the rich,
he's a shameless money grubber, he's a two dollar bitch.

Why won't Jesse Helms just hurry up and die?

Verse 2
Fundamentalist, fuckwad, dickless prick,
he's ugly as a morlock, dumb as a brick.
He's a sack of shit, hypocrite, single-minded, fat bigot,
punk bitch, ignorant, ass-munch sycophant.
Life long friend of the deadly cancer sticks,
thinks AIDS is the fault of the people it inflicts.
Racist fuck who supports segregation,
foe of the people friend of the corporation.


Get up, get up!

Guitar Solo


Trash Talk
Yo Jesse, you dumb-ass, racist, cracker motherfucker!
Why the fuck won't you just hurry up and die?
And take that punk-bitch Strom Thurmond with you!