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A what?

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a Sheep

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just a variant of our old calssic:

would you rather shag a gorgeus *just dead* young woman, or an alive 70 year old one?

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"The Mermaid"

When I was a lad in a fishing town
Me old man said to me:
"You can spend your life, your jolly life
Just sailing on the sea.
You can search the world for pretty girls
Til your eyes are weak and dim,
But don't go searching for a mermaid, son
If you don't know how to swim"

'Cause her hair was green as seaweed
Her skin was blue and pale
Her face it was a work of art,
I loved that girl with all my heart
But I only liked the upper part
I did not like the tail

I signed onto a sailing ship
My very first day at sea
I seen the Mermaid in the waves,
Reaching out to me
"Come live with me in the sea said she,
Down on the ocean floor
And I'll show you a million wonderous things
You've never seen before
So over I jumped and she pulled me down,
Down to her seaweed bed
On a pillow made of a tortoise-shell
She placed beneath my head
She fed me shrimp and caviar
Upon a silver dish
From her head to her waist it was just my taste
But the rest of her was a fish
'Cause ...

But then one day, she swam away
So I sang to the clams and the whales
"Oh, how I miss her seaweed hair
And the silver shine of her scales
But then her sister, she swam by
And set my heart awhirl
Cause her upper part was an ugly fish
But her bottom part was a girl
Yes her hair was green as seaweed
Her skin was blue and pale
Her legs they are a work of art,
I loved that girl with all my heart
And I don't give a damn about the upper part
Cause that's how I get my tail.

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Peter, Paul & Mary
Artist: Peter, Paul & Mary lyrics
Album: Peter, Paul & Mommy, Too
Year: 1993
Title: The Eddystone Light

Traditional, new words and music by Yarrow, Stookey, Travers)

Oh, me father was the keeper of the eddystone light
And he slept with a mermaid one fine night
From this union there came three
A porpoise and a porgy and the other was me

Yo ho ho, the wind blows free, oh for the life on the rolling sea

One day as I was a-trimmin' the glim
Humming a tune from the evening hymn
A voice from the starboard shouted, "Ahoy!"
And there was me mother a-sittin' on the buoy


"Oh what has become of me children three?"
Me mother then she asked of me
One was exhibited as a talking fish
The other was served in a chafing dish


Then the phosporus flashed in her seaweed hair
I looked again, but me mother wasn't there
But I heard her voice echoing back through the night:
"The devil take the keeper of the Eddystone light!"


Oh the moral of the story you'll learn when you find
To leave God's creatures for what nature had in mind
For fishes are for cookin', mermaids are for tales
Seaweed is for sushi and protecting is for whales

[ The Eddystone Light Lyrics on http://www.lyricsmania.com/ ]

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That's easy. The bottom-half doesn't give blowjobs.

Greg W
16-05-2008, 03:54:24
A. Cos with B, both halves would smell like fish.

No longer Trippin
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Oh, that's bad Greg. Really bad.

16-05-2008, 08:27:40
Why has no-one mentioned that B is saying fwap fwap?

A anyway. It's a simple choice. You couldn't talk to B and it'd be boring on a desert island. Plus she has arms and hands with opposable thumbs to make herself useful with things like building fires etc.

Lurker the Seconder
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Originally posted by Funko
to make herself useful with things like building fires etc.

Brilliant british understatement!!!


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Originally posted by Greg W
with B, both halves would smell like fish.

but you could eat them both?...


16-05-2008, 16:14:20
Yes, but if the bottom's like a typical woman's bottom it's got lots of fat in it, I'm not sure I'd want to. I bet a man's firm behind would be more nutritious for the high energy requirements of building a raft to get off. The island.

16-05-2008, 16:19:06
You you're saying you'd prefer to eat a man's arse than a womans?

16-05-2008, 16:20:35
I I'm saying I like the protein.

16-05-2008, 16:21:24
Everyone does now he's famus.

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