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01-05-2008, 12:23:15
I'm trying to find some to make my own teriyaki. Since its for cooking, it doesn't have to be super quality stuff, but the guy at the liquor store was not particularly helpful. They were busy at the counter, and his English was only a little better than my Spanish. So currently, I have no sake at all.

I'm assuming sweet sake is different than "normal" sake.

Is there a common brand I should be looking for or something?

I could just go out and buy teriyaki and spike it with some other stuff. The current recipe uses soy + sweet sake as the basic ingredients. I'm not sure how much of a difference that would make.

01-05-2008, 12:35:14
Ask for Mirin

01-05-2008, 12:47:54
jj she is right.

01-05-2008, 12:49:58
"Since its for cooking, it doesn't have to be super quality stuff"

WRONG! Good enough to drink. Good enough to cook with.

01-05-2008, 12:51:02
Or as Keith Floyd put it, if it's good enough to cook with, it's good enough to drink.

01-05-2008, 12:51:48
To be honest, I have found a huge difference in the quality of alcohol. Bad alcohol makes me feel bad the next day and makes the drinking experience not as pleasent.

Anything that makes me feel bad when drunk seems like it will likely make me feel bad when cooked into my food.


01-05-2008, 12:53:03
Originally posted by Funko
Or as Keith Floyd put it, if it's good enough to cook with, it's good enough to drink.

I phrased it the alcoholic way.

01-05-2008, 12:53:05
Yeah and cheap sake is one of the worst for that.

01-05-2008, 12:53:47
Originally posted by Venom
I phrased it the alcoholic way.

You phrased it the cook's way, he's the alcoholic 'cause he'll even drink the cooking wine. Do you see?

01-05-2008, 12:54:11
I don't know who he is, so now I see.

01-05-2008, 13:28:52
Floyd is God.

01-05-2008, 13:36:45
Is he related to Pink?

01-05-2008, 13:37:08
Fuck. That was MoSe-esque. I'm ashamed of myself.

01-05-2008, 13:38:41
Oh, for christ's sake

01-05-2008, 13:42:33
We are ashamed too

01-05-2008, 13:45:19
Terribly terribly ashamed

01-05-2008, 13:46:17
Yeah, well you should be.

01-05-2008, 13:47:09
Well I am!

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Right then!

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01-05-2008, 14:56:21
Mirin, ok.

...and WRONG I am.

02-05-2008, 08:13:53
Originally posted by Venom
Fuck. That was MoSe-esque. I'm ashamed of myself.


I'm as much needed as dreaded, so that when I'm not here you HAVE to make up for me!


And Drekkus' the one who posted the post I wanted to post

03-05-2008, 10:05:26
I have an opinion on sake:


Lazarus and the Gimp
03-05-2008, 12:35:44
Sake is fun. You sit around sipping and talking, happily. Then you make an entirely rational and calm decision to stand up, only to discover that your sense of balance has decided to take the rest of the night off.

05-05-2008, 11:02:14
sounds like I need to stick to cooking with it

05-05-2008, 14:54:18
Originally posted by Venom
Fuck. That was MoSe-esque. I'm ashamed of myself. are you wearing tight red trousers?

05-05-2008, 16:35:45
I'm not wearing any trousers.

05-05-2008, 17:37:06

self biased
06-05-2008, 23:03:39
depending on what part of the world you're in, as i can't be assed to remember, i can find cooking sake in my local supermarket. it is a bit on the salty side, though, so i always have to add some sugar to the sauce.

i generally go for 1/3 c soy, 2/3 c sake, 1 tbsp garlic, 1 tbsp ginger, 1 tbsp pureed cilantro (it comes in tubes and is better .fir making sauces than the fresh stuff. i also throw in a few five or six dashes of tabasco for a little nip.

07-05-2008, 10:30:40
mine is similar minus the cilantro and tabasco

I've looked in both the local supermarkets for "cooking sake" but no luck there. I may try a few liquor stores near work, Rockville is more urban and trendy than Fredneck.

07-05-2008, 12:20:10
MDA , go to a Japanese/Chinese grocery not the supermarket. There must be some around. I mean we even have one here in Morontown.

07-05-2008, 16:24:10
Good idea. There are lots of them, but alcohol sale locations in MD are a little more restricted. I have friends at work that can tell me which groceries are best.

The Mad Monk
08-05-2008, 14:36:00
It's not a cooking sake -- btw, "cooking" as a descriptor of anything alcoholic indicates the presence of enough salt to make it undrinkable for most people -- "sweet" is simply the opposite of "dry", as it is with wines.