View Full Version : How many songs on Mike's CD will he unreservedly love?

09-05-2002, 01:03:50
It's done! 20 tracks, including several classics, a few unknowns, two tracks from the 80s (this is a major achievement for me!), andat least one track put in solely to throw Mike off. :D

So, how many of the tracks do you think he'll like?

09-05-2002, 01:07:37
He'll love all 20, or Snapcase'll send round the boys... Ikea advert style.

09-05-2002, 09:05:48
Unreservedly love is such a strong term. I went for 4 but if there are 4 songs I unreservedly love that'll be a great success!

Provost Harrison
09-05-2002, 13:33:54
The 0 option is missing!

09-05-2002, 13:38:08

09-05-2002, 16:22:59
As are the options 21 and 22. :D

09-05-2002, 22:11:49
Bonus tracks? :)

09-05-2002, 22:33:40
Er, I realised I could add more tracks, so I did. Including one I said I'd remove. :D

There was still space for one more song, but I forgot to fill it and couldn't be arsed later.

20-05-2002, 13:51:25
Unreservedly love is a strong word but out of 22 songs on the album there are 7 or 8 that I really like after a couple of listens through. Not bad going I don't think.

20-05-2002, 14:21:21
On yours there are about four I really like, but then you didn't design it with my tastes in mind. :)

20-05-2002, 14:23:49
Oh, and did you recognise anything?

20-05-2002, 14:49:29
I designed it with your tastes in mind, I specifically put stuff on from Genres you said you didn't like. :D

I recognised Day Tripper but not the version but that was it.

20-05-2002, 14:51:19
Oh and I guessed that the song with "My Crew, My Dawgs" as a chorus was from the T.O.K album "My Crew, My Dawgs" that you reviewed.

20-05-2002, 15:08:36
You mean because the guy actually says "TOK" at the start? :)

20-05-2002, 15:09:43
Does he? I didn't understand most of what he was saying. :D

20-05-2002, 15:17:13
Isn't it obvious?

"Nuff a dem a freak dem a carry all dem dutty act
Thug nigga wanna bees nuff a dem a lick it back
It dem bring it to we, hold on nuff a cop a shot
Cop a shot rise up every calico go rat tat tat
Rat tat tat every chi chi man dem haffi get flat
Get flat, mi and my niggas ago mek a pack
Chi chi man fi dead and dat's a fact "

20-05-2002, 15:18:20
Oh yeah.

20-05-2002, 15:23:32
Oh well. Better get back to writing that review...

20-05-2002, 15:33:18
Yes, hurry up!

20-05-2002, 16:18:37
Fine, fine. I'll send it to you by about six o'clock, maybe you can commentate and put it up tonight.

20-05-2002, 18:29:32
I've got it and read through it. This is going to make a great article. I'm absolutely shattered now and can hardly think so I'll have to put my comments on tomorrow. I'm really glad you liked track one. :D

20-05-2002, 19:03:11
Oh... you need to send me a review of track six and you might want to look at the phrasing at the end of track 5. I know what you meant but it looks like you deleted half of the sentence.

20-05-2002, 20:45:17
Review done other than track 6. I'll edit it and add track 6 when I get it then post it tomorrow.

20-05-2002, 21:41:53
Sorry about that... Just sent #6 over.

21-05-2002, 09:43:07
I could do with a graphic as well... review almost done.

21-05-2002, 09:53:42
Article's there, Snapcase do you want to review it for any errors? (and get a sneak preview?) If so let me know. Otherwise I'll look for a graphic after lunch and publish it then.

21-05-2002, 10:24:02
Nah, I don't need to look for errors. As long as you corrected the word "song" to "songs" in the first paragraph...

21-05-2002, 10:28:22
OK I've got a crappy image so I'll publish.