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Cinco de Mayo Zero.


Kostitsyns :beer:

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BTW, after the games tomorrow I will post my picks for 2nd round here.

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I love home.


Arson, looting follow Habs win in Montreal
Police cars torched, riot squad called in

The burned-out shells of at least five Montreal police cars littered the city's downtown early Tuesday morning after vandals torched and smashed vehicles and damaged businesses to punctuate a first-round NHL playoff victory celebration.

A massive crowd celebrating the Canadiens' seventh-game victory Monday over the Boston Bruins filled downtown streets Monday and had started to disperse just before midnight when smaller pockets started the violence. There were no initial reports of injuries.

Jean-Francois Hotte said the incident degenerated quickly as police started chasing people.

"One minute, we were all hanging out and celebrating and then all hell broke out," Hotte said.

Hotte said he watched as a Foot Locker store was ransacked by looters. A liquor store was also hit.

"It didn't take five minutes before everyone was up on Ste-Catherine Street. It went really fast."

While the initial celebration was relatively peaceful, small groups milled around on several street corners even as riot police surrounded burning vehicles to allow firefighters to douse flames.

Television helicopter footage showed one instance where a pair of vandals on a darkened street set ablaze the interior of a damaged, abandoned police car while a third person recorded the act with his cellular telephone. A handful of others stood by watching.

Police spokeswoman Const. Anie Lemieux could not confirm the number of arrests but several men were taken away in handcuffs, including some wearing Canadiens jerseys who pounded a car with concrete blocks. Several stores were also damaged.

"Police officers are still on the scene, trying to control these people," Lemieux said just after midnight in Montreal.

"Fortunately, no one seems to have been injured so far. Police

have had things thrown at them, bystanders, too."

Lemieux said it would be impossible to tell the extent of the damage until calm returned to the downtown area.

Ava Ball was advised by police to keep her car underground as the tension escalated.

"I had to take my car back into the underground because police advised me they'd trash my car," Ball said.

"I had to go back and wait it out to go home," she added, as she debated whether it was safe to leave as the situation appeared to ease around 1:30 a.m.

Police were on edge as they patrolled in helmets and with batons.

"It's not how you'd want the night to end," Ball said.

"I think we're all a bit sad about the result of the evening, considering we had such a tremendous win."

Montreal recently had a spate of so-called anarchist violence, including the torching of six police cars in a station parking lot

in March.

Earlier in the evening, moments after the Canadiens won the seven-game series, thousands of Montrealers descended on the city's downtown core to whoop it up and soak in the win, which advances the team to the next round of the playoffs.

A large contingent of Montreal police awaited the raucous crowd, including the police riot squad. The bulk of the crowd was clearing out when the trouble started.

Fans who held vigil outside the Bell Centre earlier on Monday night were jubilant, erupting into cheers for every good play by their heroes inside.

"A great game, well played, total control," said Sebastien Boulet. "I've got a really good feeling about this team."

Arjun Aravinthan and hundreds of others broke into a spontaneous "25" chant. The Canadiens have won 24 Stanley Cups in their history.

"We're gonna get it this year, this is our year," said Aravinthan, who claims to be a Habs fan since the moment he was born.


After a frigging first-round win? Seriously?

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Habs-Flyers: Habs in 6
Pens-Rangers: Upset. Rangers in 6

Wings-Avs: Wings in 7
Sharks-Stars: Sharks in 5

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I'll cheer for Montreal if they promise to riot again after they win.

23-04-2008, 04:53:30
I can almost guarantee they will.

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Originally posted by joncha
I'll cheer for Montreal if they promise to riot again after they win.

Where have you been?

23-04-2008, 06:47:55
Eventis. It's quite nice there if you ignore the Belgians.