View Full Version : Dish Network, or DirecTV?

The Mad Monk
05-04-2008, 14:26:45
I need to choose one, and I will be using it for high-speed internet as well.

Anyone here have experience with either or both systems?

I'm not a sports fan, so DirecTV's sports package means nothing to me. Dish Networks bad storm performance, on the other hand, does.

Please help me decide!

Greg W
05-04-2008, 14:44:49
Toss a coin. Or just toss off, your call.

The Mad Monk
05-04-2008, 15:33:11
You tosser.

05-04-2008, 21:13:34
kill yourself

05-04-2008, 22:24:29
I had DirecTV for about 10 years. I finally gave it up due to the fact that I was paying for both cable and satellite and I had a need for only one. I chose cable over satellite only because I also have cable internet service. If I had DSL or some other service and not cable internet, then I would have kept DirecTV over cable.

Two other things to note, in severe storms, any satellite service will have interruptions more so than cable. So I don't know if DirecTV would be much better than Dish network in that respect. And also ... satellite internet service is very expensive.

Do what you wish but if my choice was DirecTV or Dish, I would go DirecTV.

The Mad Monk
06-04-2008, 18:49:50
OK, thanks OW. :)