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No longer Trippin
23-03-2008, 09:11:51
To some long lost friends,

I haven't been here in awhile, but just wanted to tell all you lovely bastards hello and wish you all a happy easter. It's 4 in the morning here and I'm drunk on some nice Ardbeg at the moment. Don't exactly know what has brought me here, but then again, I don't exactly know what has kept me away other than being introspective on my whole life and giving up on all the things that I thought mattered to focus on the things that actually do. Life is funny in how it teaches lessons and where it brings you with those lessons.

Last time I was here I was bitching about the hurricane and the lack of everything... It has gotten better here (arguably). A good third of the city isn't coming back, but maybe that's for the best. Good Mexican food is now plentiful, and I love mexican food. Anyhow, I just want to wish you all a happy easter.

Jesus did something important for you today, so give him some thanks. If you don't want to give him thanks, go and do something nice for someone. I'm sure that'd cover forgetting him being a bitchin zombie for a few days. It would if I was him.

I'm alive and well and happier now than before. I hope you all share those same sentiments about your lives. I wish you all the best in your endevours.


23-03-2008, 09:14:43
Yay! You're alive!

23-03-2008, 14:58:00
who the fok is that jesus guy?
is he a friend of yours?

well what the heck if he puts a smile on your face then he would be allright.
I like friends who make me laugh and buy beer for me.


23-03-2008, 15:48:50
Great to hear from you Trip!

Easter!? Happy Holi to you! May all the flying paint you were hit with fully wash out the next day.

23-03-2008, 17:52:19
Congrats on being alive! :beer:

23-03-2008, 17:56:34
Good thing to all

Scud Wallaby
23-03-2008, 20:08:44
Originally posted by No longer Trippin
Life is funny in how it teaches lessons and where it brings you with those lessons.

Best philosophy!

And of course there's always beer if you're not immediately sure where you are.


24-03-2008, 05:56:06
Easter... A good time for prodigals to return......

Drunk or sober...... :beer:

No longer Trippin
24-03-2008, 06:36:06
Nice to hear from all of you. I'm glad to get some congratulations on being alive. I never knew I was considered dead. :)

Sorry Scud, I don't drink beer. I just found out it causes people to be less productive. I drink scotch. They said nothing bad about scotch. :beer

Who's Mr. B? What happened to RC? Did I just answer my own question? What's up with Vleuten? Has Venom shown his soft side yet? I feel a bit lost.

Well I'm going watch the end of a movie I've seen countless times just because I don't want to go to bed.

24-03-2008, 08:26:37
Mr. B = resident village idiot,

RC - patter of tiny feet and international jetset lifestyle.

Greg W
24-03-2008, 10:04:14
Hey Trip, glad to see you're still alive and well (apparently).

As Beta said, mr_B is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

24-03-2008, 10:11:21
huh :lol:

go park the bus Gregje

24-03-2008, 11:59:57
I have relatives in Houston that want you to take your criminals back. They said they'd keep the good ones.

Glad to hear you're doing OK. :beer:

24-03-2008, 12:05:35
do they have a problem?

24-03-2008, 12:27:35
Houston has a problem, jes.

24-03-2008, 12:45:57
mr_B is our resident Vleuten expert!

24-03-2008, 13:38:59
I'm soft!

24-03-2008, 14:02:53
Who the fuck is that Trippin guy?!?!

Greg W
24-03-2008, 14:25:25
Originally posted by mr_G
huh :lol:

go park the bus Gregje Yes, the short bus that you're riding on. :p

Greg W
24-03-2008, 14:26:08
Originally posted by Vincent
Who is fucking is that Trippin guy?!?! Fixed!

24-03-2008, 14:28:04
Who are fucking you?

No longer Trippin
24-03-2008, 21:49:38
MDA, can you have them send the good ones back instead? We could use them. We have housing for people who have jobs. That seems to be the only upside to rent doubling or tripling in most areas. The riff-raff can't afford to come back.

25-03-2008, 06:57:31
wb trip. Time for another name update?

25-03-2008, 11:10:25
Lets move the normals from Houston to New Orleans and leave the riff-raff from both cities to raze Houston. New Orleans can declare a culture victory.

25-03-2008, 11:12:29
Good to see you back Trip. :beer:

25-03-2008, 11:55:47
I imagine unsurprisingly little has actually changed since you left ;)

wb :scotch:

Lurker the Second
26-03-2008, 02:54:34
I saw Trippin's post in the technology forum and was gonna start a poll to see who thought he realized he'd been gone for a few years. No need, it seems. Cheers, man. :beer:

No longer Trippin
26-03-2008, 08:53:40
MDA: It's a deal.

Shining: Well since you've asked. I really wouldn't know where to begin this diatribe. I doubt this will be brief. You'll owe me a short story on your life for this. :)

I've finally gone back and decided I wanted to do architecture, so all those years slaving for medicine were for naught. I quit my architecture job as they closed their office down here and I'd have to move to Florida or New York to keep it. I didn't want to do that as then I'd be away from Cecilia. That also allowed me to help a friend who owned the company that picked up the Convention Center cleanup contract. He had to hire several hundred alcholics, crackheads, and other general malcontents. I got the fun job of having to make them work. That wore thin and he finally found enough good help to where I was free to do something else. He took great care of me, but that's not a job I wanted to keep irregardless of the money to be made after the storm. It was a demanding job to say the least.

While I was doing that I was helping at my future in laws restaurant as they had staffing problems and were one of the closer restaurants to the city that was open after the storm. That got me into waiting tables and I knew the right people from before the hurricane and when the future in-laws were all set I got a restaurant job in the quarter at a great place and actually make fairly stupid money for what I do. I just captain a few nights a week and manage one other night and live fairly comfortably. It pays my bills nicely and keeps me from going into savings which is all I want to ask for right now. It also allows me to actually see Cecilia and not have to miss class quite often because some BS project fuckup or another requires me to work an extra 10 to 30 hours a week. It's a tradeoff I'm happy to have made but without Katrina shaking my life up, I never would have thought to do. Money isn't everything. Took a hurricane to teach it to me, but it was well worth the cost.

I'm still in school now to finish up in architecture and I'm taking some business courses to ensure my insanity with 21 credit hours. I'm back to running every morning and working out for fun instead of trying in vain to relieve stress. I also actually have time to spend with Cecilia now which has been what we've both needed. I've relearned how to play the bass and guitar quite well. I'm also trying to learn piano which I'm admittedly quite poor at. I want to get an Etherwave just because I think it'd be cool just to know how to play a theremin. Hell, I've even started drawing again and I haven't been happy enough to do that since early in high school. Started taking kung-fu religiously a couple years ago and I've finally gotten to the point where I'm not getting schooled by the belts that still have colors in the rainbow. I also haven't played a video game in months (maybe even a year), though I have to admit I do want to from time to time. Crysis looks pretty bitching.

Oh yeah, I've been drug free for so long that my friends have given up on me when they pass the bong around. I also now think they should smoke less. They aren't happy that I'm thinking such thoughts. Kinda growing out of many of them as friends as it isn't fun to hang out with a room full of potheads when your not one of them. I still drink a bit too much, but not nearly as much as before. All in all... I'm a lot happier after Katrina. The city itself is a different story and I've ranted long enough tonight - if you really want to know my opinions about that, you'll have to wait.

Everyone else: It's great to hear from you again. :beer:

I need to wake up in 4 hours and function. I'm at the bottom of my nightcap thus it is time to go to bed. :sleep:

26-03-2008, 10:46:32
that was a long, coherent post

no longer trippin indeed :lol:

26-03-2008, 10:47:31
Did you read it?

26-03-2008, 10:48:41
I would never admit if I had.

26-03-2008, 10:50:22
Admit what?

26-03-2008, 10:59:24

26-03-2008, 10:59:57

26-03-2008, 11:02:39
i'm an it specialist

26-03-2008, 11:05:05
what's it?

26-03-2008, 11:06:27
at least something