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22-03-2008, 09:29:41
In our london flat we had a PC setup in the living room for my girlf to work on that also had all our music on that was streamed to various other PCs in the house.

It worked great but because it was a full desktop machine as well it was pretty ugly, had its own monitor and was far from silent.

the girlf wants the streaming music back but as we both have offices in our current house there is no PC in the living room to act as a server or client for the music. She also wants internet on the TV in there (its a 32" LCD with a PC input so thats easy enough.

I've got enough bits of PC in my office to build on based on a old AMD 2600+/ATX board that would do the job but I'm wondering if thats the best way to go....

I'm concerned about the noise from the cooling systems and the power consumption from a PC that will be pretty mucg running constantly with a 400W PSU.

So as I have a fair bit of spare cash atm I'm looking at alternatives.

Anyone ever built a itx/via based machine for this sort of job?

The other alternative is using a low power mobile processor maybe with an external laptop style PSU

Also considering using one of the media versions of linux rather than windows....

No longer Trippin
25-03-2008, 07:01:07
Power consumption should be fine. The 400W PSU won't be taxed so it should be pretty efficient and if the fan has a throttle, it'll be on the low end to help keep noise down. An AXP should burn around 90W max... the motherboard and other periphrials for that kind of setup aren't going to eat much more than 100W being generous. So your looking at the PSU being at 50% load in the worst of times. Can you afford to keep a couple lightbulbs on 24/7? That is what it is going to cost you to run it 24/7 - maybe less since it won't be under load all the time. Noise can be mitigated with a cheap aftermarket CPU cooler along with smart case and fan purchasing. Look for low speed quality bbearing 120mm intakes and exhaust (70-90 CFM?) should do nicely.

The cheapest and simplest option is always the best option. Your looking right at it.

25-03-2008, 09:02:01
Hey trip! :beer:

No longer Trippin
27-03-2008, 05:08:24
cheers funko :beer:

30-03-2008, 15:54:02
cool. I'm going to have a look at some nice cases when I'm in london next. have seen a few motherboards that claim to be able to do HD using on boad graphics cards so I might by a new board and CPU as well - although I'm not really that bothered about HD atm it just seems sensible to future proof a little as most of the settop box style cases won't take a full size graphics card.