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Lurker the Second
18-03-2008, 13:53:46
DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) - Germany's first case of doping in billiards was announced Monday after national champion Axel Buescher tested positive for an EPO masking agent.

Buescher's positive test came at November's German championships, where he captured the carom billiards title, the German Billiard Union said.

Buescher said the masking agent was in prescription medicine he failed to have approved.

The Union suspended Buescher for one year and stripped him of his title after he passed on his right to have the "B" sample tested.

EPO is a blood booster most closely associated with endurance sports, such as cycling, where it has played a central role in several Tour de France scandals.

I just hope the Canadian curling team doesn't get caught. We all know they're dirty, though.

18-03-2008, 14:38:18
Wow. :lol:

18-03-2008, 14:55:54
Maybe they should test darts players and ban all those WITHOUT alcohol in the blood?

18-03-2008, 16:21:51
Test all the NASCAR drivers for high school efficiency and ban the ones with GEDs.