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Resource Consumer
14-03-2008, 14:48:18
I can't help feeling that I should know how to do this but for some reason can't remember how.

OK, the problem is this. I want to turn down the volume annoying Windows start up/end/USB connected sounds without turning down the volume of music playing on the comp. What's the best way of doing this?

17-03-2008, 13:43:44
control panel - sounds and audio devices, sounds tab would let you eliminate or change those sounds.

messing about with the individual sliders in your volume control (my volume control runs in the system tray, right clicking brings up the individual volume options) - for wav files I think, should reduce all wav file volume, including system sounds

Resource Consumer
17-03-2008, 19:06:44
Thanks. I messed about with the vol thingie but that didn't quite deliver. Your other approach sounds spot on. Thanks again. :)

18-03-2008, 14:07:25
Sound scheme = none = no sounds.

Oops, MDA beat me to it.

18-03-2008, 14:29:32
He only just edged you out. By a day.