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20-02-2008, 12:07:15
the actress was bad - she was very good at tilting her head from side to side and batting her eyelashes, so I continued to watch

The lines were bad and if the story poorly told, so even if there were good actors, they were doomed. Maybe she just wasn't inspired to try and act, I wouldn't have been.

things my wife laughed at:

making a point of having a lesbian in the movie, despite it having nothing to do with the story - just an opportunity to shock and outrage the homophobes, which I guess was too good to pass up

the threesome... I totally didn't see the third person, but she's never wrong - also totally irrelevant to the story, and funny

essentially everthing I've come to expect from a primetime made-for-tv movie, and more

20-02-2008, 13:18:00
It was terrible. Made the old Knight Rider look good.