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12-02-2008, 10:48:08
But we won't be n00bs for long - oh no!:bounce:

Right well I've created an Achura Monk Prospector, my name is Iskalen Mobius, but I think I want to change it already... ;).

So far and accumulated about 160,000ISK after completing the second mission of the 'Mountain of a Molehill' scenarios.

I read somewhere you should concentrate on learning skills to speed up your actual learning, plus there is the trick of setting yourself to learning a big skill while you're logged off: I should have learned a nice 14hr Lvl3 Caldari Frigate skill by the time I log on later today...

Don't know much about systems yet, only travelled between two so far and can't even remember their names (Toldar VI?), and some place beginning with 'K'.

I've been mining some stuff called 'Dense Veldspar' during my missions, as it gives a better yield. I figured mining was the best route to a lot of money at the start while using the time to ramp up the next set of skills.

Yesterday I figure I clocked up about 4.5 hours all told including the time to download the bloody thing and set up my character. Game time was about 3 hours and I managed to get Learn and Caldari Frigate to Lvl 2 each as well as making a bit of cash specifically by doing the missions early and getting the bonuses.

Lurker the Second
12-02-2008, 16:50:36
The thing about skill training is to try to do the quick training while you are on line so you can change it when it's finished. Training anything to level 1 is usually very fast, and most level 2 training is less than an hour once you get your learning skills higher. Then pick something that will continue training while you are logged off. You seem to have gotten the gist of that already.

Learning skills will help speed up training times. They are:

Learning: gives you a 2% bonus per level of training to all attributes.

Analytical mind: adds 1 point to your intelligence attributes per level of training.

Iron will: adds one point to your willpower attributes per level of training.

Spatial awareness: same for perception.

Instant recall: same for memory.

Empathy: same for charisma.

Once those get trained to level 4, you can then train advanced learning skills, which continue adding points to your various attributes.

My recommendation would be to buy all of those skillbooks (except maybe charisma, which can invariably wait), and start advancing them. Obviously you can't just do learning skills to start or you won't have sufficient other skills to make you able to fit your ship or do the fun stuff, so you need to balance what you are training. Learning skills will, however, radically increase the speed you can train other skills.

Have you noticed how each skill you train has a primary and secondary attribute? Those are what influence how long the skill takes to train. For example, Caldari frigate (like all spaceship command skills) probably has perception and either intelligence or willpower (can't remember which) as primary and secondary skills. If your character started with perception at 12, you will train slower than if you raised perception to 16 by training spatial awareness to 4.

12-02-2008, 17:05:31
I would suggest doing learning that advances stuff you want to use in combat during the playing times, and do learning that advances learning during nonplaying times.

Also, combat gets more ISKies then mining, it is just that mining has less risk and so you can do it while watching TV or something.


13-02-2008, 15:07:06
Latest news from n00bspace...

I was on for a couple of hours either side of a meal out at the bay with friends.

Quite a useful day yesterday with a lot of changes...

Firstly I got myself some new skills including Hull Upgrades to be able to use a ship's component called 'Damage Control I' which is an excellent piece of kit worth 200k. But then I had to get a bigger ship because the power requirements were too high, so I now have a Bantam class frigate which has more than doubled my cargo size for mining meaning an average trip for dense veldspar is netting me about 23k a time.

In between times I ran a couple of missions where I had to build a couple of civilian afterburners for my agent, and then hack into the computer of a destroyed ship for a document whilst fighting off another Moth Apis - which while the last two gave me quite a bit of trouble, this one I swatted away with ease using my new improved railgun and ammo. So that puts me roughly halfway through the molehill missions.

I have also bought some learning skills for perception and willpower - my other plan is really to get lots of skills and train them to Lvl3 each.

Also linked up on the 'Counterglow Channel' with Nav who helped me greatly with the manufacturing of blueprints because the blueprint appeared to disappear from my inventory without me getting my stuff! Yes, you need to get your job back yourself and it doesn't appear to be clear at all in the tutorial...

Anyway, my cash has stayed about the same - but I have lots of shiny new stuff to play with... :-)

15-02-2008, 13:18:17
On the newbie subject, what the hell is NPC???

15-02-2008, 13:20:23
Non Player Character

18-02-2008, 11:49:52
Tim didn't know what NPC meant!!!!! Uh oh!

18-02-2008, 11:54:45
I know, n00bville city!:D


18-02-2008, 12:00:31
Gwil what's you name in Eve?

18-02-2008, 13:24:35
Iskalen Mobius

It's a bit crap, but I'm stuck with it now...

18-02-2008, 16:33:32
You could always start again with another char in your account!

btw I've now placed my newbie pvp char in Eglennaert, so will be around if you want to do any lvl 1's together.

19-02-2008, 16:31:18
What is the difference between Tech I and Tech II? Keep seeing it, probably really obvious, but I have other things to read up on at the moment seeing as Tech II seems like stuff I can’t get hold of yet…

19-02-2008, 16:53:59
T2 stuff if just better. And it costs more.

19-02-2008, 17:00:14
Cool, just the obvious then. I thought you needed to know some sort of secret handshake to get the T2 stuff...

19-02-2008, 18:00:13
T2 is also harder to fit, and there is (for weapons) a skill taht only is in effect if you are using a T2 weapon. Additionally, there is T2 ammo which has special effects.

The more special levels are:


21-02-2008, 11:38:43
Latest News from N00bspace...

Earned enough cash to lay out for the combined price of about 945,000ISK for the Salvaging Skill and the equipment and fitted out for my first missions. It means losing a missile launcher, but the flipside was having enough power to actually use the afterburners I bought a while back.

Two of the components I salvaged were worth 350,000ISK each, and I managed to earn well over a million in just a couple of trips! Funny though, doing the salvaging feels just like mining and almost as boring - just far more lucrative! Must get that skill up pronto.

Another way to make a lot of money on low end stuff for sale is to reprocess it and sell the component minerals. Generally this works very well on items selling for 1000 or less with returns of up to 10x ISK. Profits tail off after that and with bigger ticket stuff it is not worth it.

Mostly I am blitzing the opposition, but every now and again something comes along that sends me packing - merc fighters and a couple of Pithi ships (Nihilist and something else, working together). The latter meant several return trips after expensive visits to the repairshop!

Elonaya is a good system, a decent agent and plenty of cheap ammo with good prices for selling stuff. I also seem to be fairly close to 'skill central', a system called Autama where I go to every so often to buy skills (7 new ones yesterday) as it is consistently the cheapest place by far!

I have been given a 'storyline' agent in Nonni, but I haven't checked him out yet.