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27-01-2008, 16:20:01
Came accross this little gem about a month ago, pure wargame and lots of fun.


BTW, I just opened that site, this is the first featured review.

28-01-2008, 10:46:33
Ageod is the best french game publisher around (also the only one, btw)

they did a very good US war of independence some time ago, and a US civil war as well

they have announced they will fleshen up Napo campaigns, and make it more and more grand strategic (eco and diplo, alongside the miliraty aspects)
they are masters at simulating the logistical aspects

good thing you're talking about them, they deserve the publicity in the US

28-01-2008, 11:19:13
The owner of it, Philippe Thibaut, is actually an old friend of mine.

They are working on several interesting projects, including a game about the 19th century (think 'Victoria' but more playable) as well as a 'Birth of America II' and some smaller projects.

28-01-2008, 12:40:08
Victoria *is* playable :mad:

29-01-2008, 03:28:59
Relax, I love Victoria, but a lot of people are turned off by the excessive minutia of parts of it.