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24-01-2008, 13:14:09
I think I got hyped...

This is after all the #26 best movie of all time according to IMDB. Apparently.

I just thought it was a bit slow and, dare I say it, a bit boring at the end...

Still, there was plenty of awesome stuff in between with some great little twists (though a bit predictable) - it just kind of ran out of steam...

But then I suppose it is essentially a nihilistic film anyway, so I'm not really surprised.

7/10 (Don't believe the hype)

24-01-2008, 13:30:14
I thought it was awesome.

24-01-2008, 14:55:09
can't wait to see it. cohen bros can do no wrong.

24-01-2008, 15:46:10
It was good...not awesome. Keep it straight. :)

02-02-2008, 14:56:58
Originally posted by Debaser
I thought it was awesome. yup
went to see it last night at the IFFR it was brilliantly brilliant

02-02-2008, 14:57:32
9-10 that is

26-08-2008, 09:44:19
i'd agree with the good not awesome camp

i found it quite disjointed, and not as deep as it thinks it is

that said, the cinematography is beautiful (love the moody, cloudy desert skies and bleached out colours) and some of the individual scenes and characters are brilliant.

26-08-2008, 09:50:48
Watched this last night funnily enough. Thought it was absolutely brilliant. I think I get what the whole film wants you to think about (the unstoppable evil that always exists in society)

Walrus Feeder
26-08-2008, 20:20:57
That's strange, i watched this the other night too. Loved the atmospheric 'out in the middle of nowhere' Texan locations of the films early stages. I did find it engrossing and loved the cat and mouse scenes when Llewelyn is trying to keep his distance from the killer. Reminded me a bit of Terminator for a few moments. To be honest i found the ending very disappointing and not a fitting conclusion to the film. Yes, the good guys don't always win but hate it when films just 'stop.'