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19-01-2008, 23:43:17
In the not so distant past it was easy to tell if someone was nuts.

One way was if they were always talking to themselves. This method worked well until the advent of personal communication devices. Now everyone has a cell phone, a Blackberry, a Pearl, a Chocolate, a Bluetooth or a Purpleprose. Okay - a made up the last one, but I figure it is just around the corner. But the point of it is that now itstead of an obvious crazy person, it could be someone just phoning their friend.

There was a time when a 'tinfoil hat' was synonym for a paraniod/delusional type. If you saw someone with a tinfoil hat, well you were sure that they were certifiably insane. But back in those days what women did in the beauty parlour was behind closed doors and a mystery to us men. Now all the hairdressing salons showcase their clientele behind gigantic floor to ceiling windows like some kind of bizarre aquatic exhibit. And what to you see? Tinfoil hats. Most of the women are getting elaborate tinfoil hats put on their head.


It is getting hard for me to tell the crazies. Still, when I see someone in an Anarchy t-shirt, I feel like asking, "Is this what you want and have you really thought things through?"

20-01-2008, 09:47:36
Some of us crazies will just inform you, and thus make it very easy. Like me. I'm nuts.

21-01-2008, 08:32:18
and I'm an anarchist at heart