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09-01-2008, 12:53:11
How much by how much is 750x500 pixels in centimeters?

09-01-2008, 12:54:23
Depends how big your screen is.

09-01-2008, 12:57:43
17 inch (I think)

Is a pixel not equal in size everywhere?

09-01-2008, 13:08:52
on the same screen you can fit (cram in) different amount of pixels

it's called resolution

consider the avatars, which are 75x75 (max)

at higher resolutions, they'll look smaller even on the same screen, coz you cram in more pixels in the same screen surface
but they'll still be 75x75

09-01-2008, 13:10:06
Anywhere between 6 and 100 centimeters.

09-01-2008, 13:20:21
OK, let me put it in another way. I have a picture that is about 75kb in size, and is in 100% viewing mode 750x500 pixels.

I want to know how large the picture will be if I bow it up by, say, 500%. I'd like to print it out, but I'm not sure how big it will be and if it's still decent to look at.

09-01-2008, 13:24:15
I guarantee you it would look crap, even more so if it has high compression in the first place.

09-01-2008, 13:28:12
On the screen, it depends how big the screen is and what resolution the screen is set to.

If you are printing, it depends on the dpi that the image is set to. dpi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dots_per_inch) is dots per inch. Normal web images are 72dpi I think, for printing you'd want it at 300dpi.

750*500 would be 26 * 17 cm if it was at 72 dpi printed, 6.35 * 4.19 cm at 300dpi.

09-01-2008, 13:28:40
And as Nav says, it'd look crap.

09-01-2008, 13:49:25
I've printed it on an A3 format, and it looks half decent. Any more enlargement will make it look like crap indeed.

09-01-2008, 16:45:48
if it's the picture of a crap, then it's a positive thing if it looks like crap

Lurker the Second
09-01-2008, 17:57:51
Originally posted by Drekkus
How much by how much is 750x500 pixels in centimeters?

Still trying to work out something constructive to say in the bus/dinosaur thread?

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10-01-2008, 12:37:48
No, my participation in that would destroy all the nerdy goodness in that thread.

C.G.B. Spender
10-01-2008, 12:50:27
I leaned a lot about busses

10-01-2008, 12:52:36
You didn't learn how to spell them. You were probably reading my posts.

C.G.B. Spender
10-01-2008, 12:55:20
I also didn't learn how to drive them. Too bad.

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10-01-2008, 12:56:46
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10-01-2008, 12:57:01
Nah you're still nerdy

C.G.B. Spender
10-01-2008, 12:59:31
I also know about MG, SMG and pistols, even hand grenades.

I wouldn't use an assault gun to kill kids. MG would be more fun and gemanesque.

10-01-2008, 13:04:00
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C.G.B. Spender
10-01-2008, 13:06:32
you fucking pacifist

10-01-2008, 13:09:07
That's not as much of an insult to me as I guess it would be to a German.

C.G.B. Spender
10-01-2008, 13:10:59
You started the insults with saying gemans use british cars

10-01-2008, 13:13:48
But you said you'd kill kids with an MG!

C.G.B. Spender
10-01-2008, 13:14:43
You and your dirty mind.

10-01-2008, 17:04:36
Originally posted by C.G.B. Spender
I leaned a lot about busses

Please don't lean out of the window

11-01-2008, 14:10:59

Drekkus = sooooooo Drekkus