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02-01-2008, 09:39:06
did we miss some?

no can count on you slackerers for keepy uppy to date


I didn't know, or forgot about some, the most notable thereof is

Michael Jackson (beer hunter/writer) -- Dead.
Complications of Parkinsons/Heart attack.
Died August 30, 2007. Born March 27, 1942.

Beer and whisky expert, wrote many books and tried many, many kinds of drinks, had been recently writing about slow foods.

Revel In Peace
quite a few of my travels thru Europe have been actually directed by indications and beer reviews on his beer booklet, which I for so many years called just The Bible
Especially Ireland and Belgium

I learn now about
Marcel Marceau (mime) -- Dead. Died September 22, 2007
Deborah Kerr (actress) -- Dead. Parkinson's disease. Died October 16, 2007
Ira Levin (writer) -- Dead. Heart attack. Died November 13, 2007. Born August 27, 1929. Wrote Rosemary's Baby
Evel Knievel (Daredevil :) ) -- Dead. Diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis. Died November 30, 2007. Born October 17, 1938. Famous for spectacular motorcycle stunts in the '70s
Ike Turner (??/singer/songwriter) -- Dead. Died December 12, 2007. Born November 5, 1931. Wasted a potentially great career, Proud Mary. [only famous here as Tina's ex?]

did we have proper RIP threads here for these above?


I got inspired for this thread by zapping in a CNN 2007 review, which contained a celeb deaths list too.

What amazed me, is that interspersed in a sequence more or less corresponding to the above link, there were quite a few (maybe a dozen?) "Christian Televangelists"...

X-cuse me???
who the hell gives a fuck?

I'd have understood had it been some LOCAL US channel, but CNN WORLD News ???


02-01-2008, 09:48:02
Evel Knievel? :(

02-01-2008, 10:11:49
yeah, the saddest is he died in his bed....

02-01-2008, 10:14:20
Unless he was trying to somersault over the Cardio Monitor machine (the BEEP machine!) to land on the hot nurse passing by...