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23-12-2007, 23:02:34
Anyone qualified as an instructor or willing/stupid to give me lessons? I'm trawling the net looking for instructors, but I have no idea who to go for. Someone at work was supposed to be giving me the number of this bloke, but that one fell through... but I really need to start learning :(

Provost Harrison
24-12-2007, 00:32:37
Yeah, I'll teach you. If you can get to London for the lessons...

24-12-2007, 09:50:15
I learnt with BSM. (that was a few years ago)


Greg W
24-12-2007, 13:52:44
Come to Australia, and I'll teach you on the bus!

24-12-2007, 19:28:37
I don't want to go with BSM, my sisters old boss' (ex?) husband would be the one teaching me and I can not put up with him. The AA have a bad rep down here, one of my friends got sexually harassed by her instructor.

All that way?!

Buses are all good greg, I'll book my ticket now!!!

24-12-2007, 21:05:28
I learned with BSM too. You can choose your instructor you know. I doubt they only have one instructor at your local BSM you know...

Provost Harrison
24-12-2007, 23:06:07
I also learned with BDSM...

24-12-2007, 23:31:45
Now, now, don't go putting ideas into young alsie's mind...:D

24-12-2007, 23:33:20
Is that some sort of kinky driving/dogging instruction??

Provost Harrison
25-12-2007, 00:10:33
No, just pure, unadulterated fun :bouncmsk:

25-12-2007, 00:12:14
hmmmmmm, interesting

25-12-2007, 20:43:45
Or adulterous fun, depending on who you decide to 'play' with...

Greg W
26-12-2007, 12:31:26
Originally posted by alsieboo
Buses are all good greg, I'll book my ticket now!!! Cool stuff. Just bring sunscreen and a brolly. It's been alternating between hot and raining recently.