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21-12-2007, 05:54:45
I'm off on a 1300 mile round trip tomorrow. Going to a Sikh friend's wedding in Yuba City, CA population... to low to bother looking up. I've never been to a Sikh wedding before so it should be both fun and educational.

The drive itself should be, er, interesting. I'll be working all friday then after work will be picking up one friend in San Diego, driving to Santa Barbara to pick up another friend, then driving on to Yuba City. Estimated drive time is 10h 30m and I'll likely be stuck with all the driving since one friend is smart enough to get into Harvard's MBA school but is totally unable to master the art of driving a car with a manual transition while the other one is a professional pilot whose going to have just finished up a rather long day of flying.

The plan is to drive most of the night, show up at the hotel at 8am to shower/change, then go to the wedding at 9am. I'm told that Sikh weddings often last 12 hours or more so I can't rule out passing out in some dark corning during hour 5 or 6 of the ceremony. Cheers.

Resource Consumer
22-12-2007, 11:35:20
at least you won't ve drinking :p

22-12-2007, 13:47:35
do they wasj their hair?

22-12-2007, 17:00:26
I won't be home.

self biased
22-12-2007, 23:43:01
be sure to give them some scrumpy for a gift.