View Full Version : Bands that should change their names

21-12-2007, 03:40:51
In the spirit of the "band names that lie" thread...

Which bands are so dominated by one member that they might as well be named after them?

My pick:

Monster Magnet: The Dave Wyndorf Band

Gramercy Riffs
21-12-2007, 13:35:52
Razorlight: The Jonny Borrell band

Super Furry Animals: The Gruff Rhys band

Artic Monkeys: The Alex Turner band

Resource Consumer
21-12-2007, 13:48:29
Phil Collins : Baldy Shitbag

C.G.B. Spender
21-12-2007, 13:50:47
Much better name

Gramercy Riffs
21-12-2007, 13:50:54

21-12-2007, 13:53:03
Bon Jovi -> Sambora

Greg W
21-12-2007, 14:06:27
No way dude! JBJ makes that band!

21-12-2007, 14:18:08
Rubbish. Sambora's a better singer too.

Greg W
21-12-2007, 14:20:08
Then why did his solo career suck so badly? :hmm:

21-12-2007, 14:36:41
I think you're asking the wrong person, she's got all* his solo albums.

*I don't know how many he did, but she has some.

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-12-2007, 17:43:20
Radiohead- Whining, boss-eyed twat

24-12-2007, 10:16:34
That would also work pretty well for Phil Collins.