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Greg W
14-12-2007, 16:08:14
Just listening to the Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench, and I realised I had ANFI what the "1 in 10" part of the song means. And Google is no help at all (well, there are references to 1 in 10 men being gay, but I doubt that's what it means). And I guess that, depending on what that means could change the meaning of the entire song for me. So, care to fill me in (and I don't mean in a :brwncard: way)?

16-12-2007, 18:13:12
i read an interview with him and he said he wrote lyrics that sounded cool rather than meant anything. it was all about whether it rocked or not, not how it read on paper.

apparently he started writing lyrics that meant something a couple of albums on.

Resource Consumer
16-12-2007, 19:02:52
There was a UB40 song about 20+ years ago called "1 in 10" which was about one in ten of the workforce being unemployed and were like non-persons under Thatcher's glorious blue flag.

"I am the 1 in 10 and I don't exist"

UB40 were/are/always will be shit, though.

Greg W
17-12-2007, 01:23:50
Ok, interesting, thanks. :)

17-12-2007, 12:03:49
i know people will be discussing the meaning of our lyrics when the album is out. the answer is "it fits, it rhymes, it sounds kind of cool and a small percentage of it actually means something but even that is ambiguous."

when the listener has the opportunity to make up their own meaning to a song, it is far more powerful than having it laid out on a plate.

Greg W
17-12-2007, 13:01:21
Right, so just random crap that sounds cool. Gotcha.

Gramercy Riffs
17-12-2007, 13:47:31
Lyrics are rubbish

Provost Harrison
18-12-2007, 23:23:08
Aren't 1 in 10 people supposed to be gay?

19-12-2007, 17:12:52
You mean by law?

19-12-2007, 17:27:45
1 in 10 r gay twats.