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Scabrous Birdseed
13-12-2007, 17:34:53
They showed the original version of Hairspray on TV the other week and I really liked it, so I rented Serial Mom and that was great too in the same anarchic, satirical, good-humoured way.

So, what other John Waters movies should I see and how would I get hold of them?

14-12-2007, 09:00:27
Just looked him up on IMDB to take a look at a list and see what I could recommend. What an annoyingly talented chap!

14-12-2007, 11:02:56
I really like Pecker.

14-12-2007, 11:29:45
I saw Pink Flamingos long time ago
worth seeing it

Just steer clear of the final sequence, if you're squeamish
:gasmaske: :brwncard:

19-12-2007, 17:08:42
is female trouble john waters? i always wanted to see that