View Full Version : Snow - Yaaay

18-11-2007, 19:05:48
Doubt its enough to get the school closed tommorrow but yaaay anyway.

Resource Consumer
19-11-2007, 11:42:25
nothing here

19-11-2007, 12:29:52
wow! no snow here, Maryland sucks that way

Lurker the Second
19-11-2007, 16:07:09
A little snow here, much more to the west. Enough that my secretary claims she couldn't get here today.

19-11-2007, 16:54:25
Sounds like someone is jealous of his secretary.

19-11-2007, 16:59:35
He should be, he could be having a nice day at home too

Lurker the Second
19-11-2007, 17:02:28
I ran out of beer yesterday, so how nice could it be?

19-11-2007, 17:16:36
What a sad story :(

19-11-2007, 17:23:39
Drink wine?

Lurker the Second
19-11-2007, 18:06:34
And get kicked in the balls? Are you nuts?

19-11-2007, 18:19:33
Lurker has a secretary?! You've either ruined my image of you forever, or completely glamorized hobos.

Lurker the Second
19-11-2007, 19:06:41
You think doing all the paperwork for all those bottle returns is easy?

19-11-2007, 19:36:45
It's administrative assistant too, you policitcally incorrect, sexist moose fucker.

Lurker the Second
19-11-2007, 19:39:22
That's no way to talk to alsie. You should be ashamed.

19-11-2007, 19:50:20
It's impossible for me to feel anything but ashamed of myself.

19-11-2007, 20:38:50
It's raining in NY.

19-11-2007, 20:47:49
Originally posted by Lurker the Second
That's no way to talk to alsie. You should be ashamed. yaay lame on you