View Full Version : Future of the Left

Mr. Bas
13-11-2007, 13:35:43
I saw these guys live a few days ago, on a recommendation of a mate and the fact that 2/3 of the band used to be in McLusky. Actually, I got to know McLusky thanks to KG's inclusion of one of their tracks on one of the LWPs, it's probably about time to do a new one. Anyway, not many people were there, but they sounded great live, good enough to also buy the album at the gig. Good stuff, I can definitely recommend it (especially if you liked McLusky). :beer:

Resource Consumer
15-11-2007, 19:50:25
about time to do a new one - agreed

15-11-2007, 20:44:11
Just listened to the Future Sound of the Left album for the first time today, and it's flippin great, though sometimes their stupid throwaway lyrics are a bit too stupid and throwaway imo.