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.. you must check this place out..


I don't know if any of you guys are but I'm a huge fan of the (late 80’s/ early 90’s) original Quest games made by Sierra (Quest For Glory/Hero Quest 1-4, Kings Quest 1-7, Space Quest 1-6, Leisure suit Larry 1-5). My favourites are definantly the later games that used a nice cartoonist/clay like VGA engine with the point and click interface, and sometimes included voice actors, not that I don't enjoy the old EGA typing ones too hehe.

These guys at ‘TIERRA Games’ (wonder how they thought of that name ;) ) are a team dedicated to remaking earlier quest games to look like their later sequels much like what Sierra did when they re-made quest for glory 1 and space quest 1 for example.

So far they have re-made the classic Kings Quest 1 and its amazing.. The interface and look of the game is identical to the proper sierra quest games and they actually managed to get the original King Graham voice actor from the later kings quest games to do the voice over for their game and they also bagged the original kings quest composers to do the music for the game too.. amazing!

Right now they're working on a re-make of kings Quest 2 and recently announced that they're making one of the most wanted remakes in the adventure gaming world (definantly my most wanted) Quest for Glory 2!! (after Sierra remade QFG1 to look like 3 and 4, QFG2 stuck out like a sore thumb with its ancient EGA graphics).

If your interested go to their site and check out their screenshots.

06-05-2002, 15:29:46
Here's a couple of nice shots to show the quality and truely Sierra look of their re-makes.

Kings Quest 1 Remake

Kings Quest 2 Remake

Quest For Glory 2 Remake

06-05-2002, 15:44:19
I find the vast majority of Sierra's adventure games, with the exception of the exceedingly brilliant Gabriel Knight series, rather bland, ill-written, ugly and infuriating. Well into the nineties when Lucasarts were producing classic after classic, Sierra maintained the old "make a mistake and you die, make another type of mistake and you die later in the game without any chance of going back" ethos, which ruined many a game for me. Plus the humour is substandard, the graphics awful, the voice-acting suspect, the settings and characters so-so.

Any company that can produce something as bad as Phantasmagoria* needs to be repeatedly sodomised, I say.

*while at the same time firing thier only genious, Jane Jensen.

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Quest for Glory series ruled. :)
After they stopped making them, some players were working on a player made Quest for Glory like game. I wonder what is up with that right now.

06-05-2002, 20:44:40
I enjoyed QfG/HeroesQuest (as it first was). Also SQ3, and the bit of SQ4 I played.

No need to go back, though. There are other great games now.

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06-05-2002, 22:19:08
In the context of the times - Leisure Suit Larry absolutely ruled.

Thanks, Blake, you know I had absolutely forgotten how many laughs that game gave me. (well, I was living in France)

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Damn right :smoke:


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lol not much love for sierra games here..

True that most of them suck but I thank them for their Quest games and Half Life at least..

I know of 2 other fan made Quest for Glory projects, they're pretty classy too.

Quest For Glory 4 1/2

This one’s pretty neat, you get to return to Spielberg for new adventures. Lots of additions and pretty graphics. Does however have lots of controversial humour in it. Venom should try this game since if you head east (right) down the main road where you start the game you'll find a brothel in the mountains. He'll know what to do in there, and then once he's done he can return to Spielberg and visit the Coyote Ugly Bar (new owners lol).

Hero Quest 6

Still being made but it looks good. To avoid getting in trouble with sierra they used the old Hero Quest name.


08-05-2002, 12:13:46
Sierra has been banned from my house and from my hard drive. I destroyed all Sierra games I previously owned.

I despise them. And I will see them destroyed.

08-05-2002, 16:18:39
Codename: Iceman. That game was insanely difficult. Even after $50 of calls to the helpline and taking on every goofy mission in the game, I never managed a perfect score.

10-05-2002, 17:44:09
well these home made games aren't made by sierra so go visit the brothel, you know you want to.. ;)