View Full Version : 30 Days of Night

20-10-2007, 11:40:52
Previewed this movie on Wednesday night. For a vampire horror flick it was 3 and a half stars out of four.

Not hokey or corny at all. Also no hollywood cheap scares or thrills. Just very intense and well done.

24-10-2007, 14:03:23
Will probably preview Saw IV tonight.

It will probably suck, and I am not really looking forward to the movie but I am interested in seeing just how they will continue the story when they killed off all the pricks in the last movie.

25-10-2007, 00:12:24
There are always more pricks.

Walrus Feeder
13-11-2007, 22:56:21
Saw this about a week ago. Wasn't that impressed. The way it ended wa shit and didn't explain or conclude anything in a satisfying way. Poo.