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03-10-2007, 02:03:16

I assume its been out a little while but gets its Australian release soon. I have tickets to a screening where Anton Corbijn is doing a Q&A. I should probably know the date of that.

05-10-2007, 03:58:46

Guardian on Control (http://arts.guardian.co.uk/filmandmusic/story/0,,2183394,00.html)

I rarely have high expectations but here I make an exception. The trailer seen at a recent film show did much.

05-10-2007, 08:42:51
It's only just coming out this week in the UK.

09-10-2007, 06:20:37
I was labouring under a misapprehension.

Have since discovered I see it week on Thurs.

19-10-2007, 02:05:48
Saw this last night.

A very nice picture. Was followed by a 30-minute Q&A with Anton Corbijn.

Essentially, the film is very true to the book (Touching From A Distance) on which it was based, showing Curtis in mixed light, but ultimately a character you sympathise with.

The Q&A had a few notes of interest. Between telling us how boring it was to grow up in Holland, Corbijn admitted that he had only met Curtis on two occassions and never really moved beyond pleasantries. The house where Curtis lived and the Employment Exchange where he worked, as seen in the film, were the real thing. The actors playing members of Joy Division insisted on learning to play and provided all the live music seen in the film. The actor playing Bernard Sumner had allegedly never touched a guitar before. I thought this was a little hit and miss, particularly Sam Riley's (Curtis) vocals.

I dare say I've forgotton some other interesting stuff. The film included some nice humour, particularly from the Rob Gretton character. Remarkably, I found out today that the actor who played Gretton (Toby Kebbell) appeared in Dead Man's Shoes (as Anthony) opposite Paddy Considine who played Gretton in 24-Hour Party People.

There were some amusingly awkward moments at the end of the film when the lights came on and the music stopped while the credits were still rolling. After his introduction, Corbijn immediately asked that the lights go down and the music played.

So, on came The Killers covering Shadowplay. :rolleyes:

Gramercy Riffs
19-10-2007, 05:57:34
I saw it the other day at Film Forum in Tribeca, enjoyed it. Have to agree about the Gretton role (I was also unaware it was the guy from DMS), though Gretton was a genuinely funny character from what I've heard, read and seen. Also, a complete physcopath who you really would not want to fuck with which also came across well in the film. Also good to see Hooky get portrayed as the wanker he probably really is, and as for the Sumner actor having never held a guitar before, well.......Also, I actually thought Sam Riley looked a lot like Stephen Morris, or is that Morriss? On a crude male note, Alexandra Maria Lara (who played the Belg home wrecker Annik Honore) is stunning and she will be lucky if I'm not stalking her by the end of the year.

I felt the end dragged slightly and I'm not sure it was all acurate? Does anyone know for sure that Curtis had a fit hours before his suicide? If so, how??

Did'nt get the Killers fiasco at the end thank fuck. Would have been a riot. Though there was a guy sat in front of me, roughly same age, who was crying at the end as "Atmosphere" played over the credits. Normally I would laugh at such acts, especially in public, and whilst I did have a little chuckle at him later, it was a sad moment. I stayed until the track had finished then headed out for a cigarette (Control is one of those films that is a nightmare to sit through at a cinema if you are a smoker), where I got chatting to the weeping chap. We ended up shooting the shit in a boozer nearby.

19-10-2007, 06:39:41
Re: The Sumner role. Corbijn did say that the actor not having played before arguably helped him in recreating Sumner's need to look at his fingers on the strings the whole time. :p

I'm not 100% on the fact that Curtis had a fit at that time either. Seem to think I had read that before somewhere but there are so many stories surrounding the whole period, its difficult to know what to believe. I only found out today that Wilson signing the contract in blood had never been proved or disproved. As he himself (allegedly?) said that it was always better to take a good story over the truth.

I've just finished reading the Martin Hannett biography which contradicts some of the things I believed previously and claimed that Hannett and Curtis had a very close relationship but drifted apart in the months before Curtis died. You wouldn't have picked that up from the film. Apparantly, Hannett felt enormous guilt and according to many sources, never got over it.

Corbijn did point out one inaccuracy as an example, when questioned about it last night. When Joy Division performed on Granada for the first time, he said that although Tony Wilson's intro was word for word, the band played Shadowplay on the show, not Transmission as seen in the film (though it did seem to mimic Joy Division footage of another live performance of Transmission I have seen).

I also found the end slightly laboured. I guess its difficult when the entire audience is likely to know how it ends. I think it was an attempt to build tension by delaying the inevitable.

See you outside her house then? Bring the snare.