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17-09-2007, 21:48:07

17-09-2007, 21:52:26
It doesn't seem to work all that well.

17-09-2007, 21:55:52
jes it does


17-09-2007, 22:03:10
bi, ut diesb't get gun bearkt drybj ebiygg

veen on leevl 5, everythni gis still perfectly legible, it just tranpsoses one or two random letters, removes all the capitalization, and occasionally replaces apostrophes with semicolons

if you really want to jon millerify something, you need to pemrute the letters a lot omre than you;re doing, add in more radnom letters, and generally just increase hte level of baffleization.


17-09-2007, 22:03:43
Ok, the first couple snetences were pretty good, but the rest is still quite readable.

17-09-2007, 22:13:57
it's still funneeeeeh - FACT


17-09-2007, 22:17:21
true, but could be funnier - FACT

It's very hard to predict how much it will effect a sentence. One can run the same sentence through several times and the first time have it completely illegible, with every character changed, and the second time have it completely unchanged.


17-09-2007, 22:36:03
You sound like a professional ICT nerd

17-09-2007, 22:37:26
I am an amateur ICT nerd.

18-09-2007, 07:04:34
I am a teur ICT nerd

18-09-2007, 07:13:51
lol pretty good but drek is right - its a little too hit and miss.

On a similar vein (posted many times but still awesome)


C.G.B. Spender
18-09-2007, 07:14:37
Old link recycling?

18-09-2007, 07:16:46

It comes up different each time but the dialectaliser wants to call you CGB "I'll get out me spoons" Spender at the moment.

C.G.B. Spender
18-09-2007, 07:22:36
It's not a swear word!

18-09-2007, 07:46:53
It's not a wear sword!

Immortal Wombat
18-09-2007, 22:18:45
Originally posted by Beta1
lol pretty good but drek is right - its a little too hit and miss.
In what way is this an inaccurate representation?

Maybe I should up the levels of drunkeness though.

Immortal Wombat
18-09-2007, 22:43:21
It's actually based on a highly scientific study* on Jon's posts, to determine the frequency of typos and such, and how often his hands wander uncorrected from the home keys.

The apostrophes thing is the part of the script which mimics failure to hit the shift key (on a US keyboard). Numbers and some other punctuation marks are affected as well.

The only thing I can't get working to my satisfaction is the wonderful semantics mangling than Jon manages, quite apart from the syntactic chaos. Maybe it should insert snippets of spambot text or something.

(*actual science not guaranteed, although my memory is fuzzy on the matter)

Immortal Wombat
18-09-2007, 22:43:58
oh wait

ut;s actyakkt vase dib a guggkt scuebtufuc stydt* ib hib;s oists, ti detrenube tge freqybecti f ttios abd sycg, abd giw ifteb gus gabds wabder ybcirrected firn tge gine jtes

tge aoistiroges tgubg us tg eaort if tge scurot wugcg nunucs faukyre ti gut teg sgutf jte (ib a ys jetviard)

bynvers abd sine itger oybctytauib narjs are affecteda s wekk

the only thingi can't get working to my satisafction ist he wonderful semantisc manlging htna jon manages, qutie apart fromt he synatctic chaos.

maybe it should inser tsnippets of spambot tetx o rsomething(8actyak sceubce bit gyarabteed, aktgiygg nt nenirt us fyzzt ib tge ntaet)r

Kpm <o;;r

18-09-2007, 22:49:56
much better

19-09-2007, 02:48:18
gekk,i nt abne us hib nukker.

Jon Miller