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Lazarus and the Gimp
04-05-2002, 10:08:29
Doves- "The Last Broadcast"
Badly Drawn Boy- "About a boy- soundtrack".

...and on Monday, it'll be the Tom Waits albums, followed by the new Breeders album. Nice.

04-05-2002, 10:11:47
There’s a new Breeders album? I only discovered there were new Tom Waits albums out yesterday, so I’m obviously a bit behind.

04-05-2002, 11:56:32
Those seem suspiciously mainstream to me. :hmm: :p

Last On-line order:

The best of God is My Co-Pilot
The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1960-67 (9 CD Box Set)
Their Organic Majesties Request by The Electric Eeels
The Day The Earth Met the Rocket From the Tombs

(I've been meaning to buy the Stax box set as soon as I had some money, and the RFTT compilation is one I've waited to be released like forever.)

Last In-store buy:

Oops (Oh My) by Tweet (CD single)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP

04-05-2002, 12:40:30
The Breeders first album was cool
Then they sucked

Lazarus and the Gimp
04-05-2002, 12:40:44
It takes a real leap of faith to describe Tom Waits as "mainstream".

04-05-2002, 15:01:11
Doves- "The Last Broadcast"

Not really listened to this album yet, but I own Lost Souls and I absolutely love it. Cedar Room is great!

Badly Drawn Boy --- ah a local lad, used to live a stonesthrow away from me. Lost all respect for him when I saw him live. All he did was take the piss out of Ian Brown... then someone threw a bottle on stage and he went off crying.... WANKER!

04-05-2002, 15:14:42
He went off crying?
did the bottle hit him, or was he upset by the way the bottle was treated?

04-05-2002, 15:24:55
Well as soon as he sad everyone shout if you hate Ian Brown everyone started to boo him and throw stuff at him.... he then got on the mic and said you are all a bunch of wankers and went off practically crying :D

(Can't tell whether that was a 100-0 ;))