View Full Version : Is there a piece of software

04-05-2002, 09:34:58
that can play Mp3's at half speed?

I gonna get learning myself some tricky geetar toons

Lazarus and the Gimp
04-05-2002, 10:09:26
No, but there is something that will make your ears and brain work twice as fast- amphetamines.

04-05-2002, 10:15:52


Adam Bomb
04-05-2002, 10:17:31
Try re-sampling the parts that are tricky then half the speed in Wavelab or another .wav editor. Then you could try pitch shifting the parts one octave higher so that they are at the original pitch. It will sound a bit weird but you can pick out each note of that tricky solo. Wavelab takes directx plug-ins such as pitch shifters. You could download the software you need with edonkey (www.edonkey.com) but if you feel dodgy about obtaining software for free that would normally cost you money dont do it.

04-05-2002, 10:18:18
Bad boy. :)

04-05-2002, 10:24:08
You can convert to wav and use Sound Recorder!