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Walrus Feeder
27-08-2007, 12:21:04
Missed out on getting weekend ticket when they came out so ended up with 2 days tickets which cost about 20 less then 3 day one. The place was absolutely heaving, with NME and Carling stages seeming to attract large audiences. Reckon thats partly down to bands becoming big quickly through Myspace etc.

Bands i saw:
Dead 60's
Eagles of Death Metal (both ok-ish)
Nine Black Alps
Young Knives (good)
Angels & Airwaves on main stage were absolute crap. God knows why this band even exist, and Delonge deserved all the bottles being hurled at him with all the crap he came out with.
Bloc Party (good)
Arcade Fire (fantastic)
RHCP - rubbish. How a band with such an extensive back catalogue think they can get away with playing only a few popular songs and pad the rest out with self indulgent jamming and dull new songs is unbelievable. Complete waste of space!

Hadouken! (entertaining)
New Young Pony Club (ok)
Funeral For a Friend (average)
Fall Out Boy (average - crap sound)
Jamie T (not my scene but suprisingly good)
CSS (really good live)
NIN (only saw last 4, looked good)
Smashing Pumpkins - Awesome. One of my favourite bands. Setlist could have pleased more but what a sound. Great to hear songs like Cherub Rock and Today. Chamberlain was awesome on drums and that new bass player....

28-08-2007, 08:15:45
Was very good + random to bump into you on Saturday.

It was also heaving because they upped the capacity to 80,000 per day, it used to be about 65k.

28-08-2007, 10:23:21
highlights for me were:

the gossip
kings of leon
pete & the pirates
does it offend you, yeah