View Full Version : met this band in tokyo the other day

17-08-2007, 11:59:39
and now this is my favorite song!


C.G.B. Spender
17-08-2007, 12:05:24
Polysics? Some of them were here too

Gramercy Riffs
17-08-2007, 12:40:03

Gotta love those Japanese...

18-08-2007, 09:19:31
melt banana! we bigged them up in most of our tv interviews.

20-08-2007, 09:25:08
Your blog on the Japan trip sounded awesoem.

20-08-2007, 09:36:06
some of the blogs i have to water down down or just not bother to write in case i sound like i'm bragging and i'm always concious that one of rebus might read it and i'd feel bad. i had to write down the most ridiculous parts of the tokyo trip though.

20-08-2007, 09:41:04
The Ninja restaurant sounded incredible.

Hopefully I'll see you at some of the gigs this week and/or Reading?

Gramercy Riffs
20-08-2007, 09:48:00
The Scarface & Rocky blog was hilarious.

20-08-2007, 09:51:36
:lol: Yes.

20-08-2007, 10:39:37
yeah blog's a great read Rob, please keep it up!

21-08-2007, 01:02:04
Bragging can only be interpreted with unhealthy envy. Don't sweat it.

Scabrous Birdseed
21-08-2007, 18:34:20
I didn't even know Rob had switched bands, must say this new, poppier material is much more to my tastes than the Rebus stuff! Good show. Fun idea with a live drummer in an electro band, that's usually the first instrument to go!

22-08-2007, 07:56:38
They did start off with programmed drums but they added Rob for live shows and now he's part of the band. :beer:

It definitely makes for a much better live show to have the live instrument elements on stage. Electro bands can sometimes be very dull to watch, even if their music is great.

C.G.B. Spender
22-08-2007, 08:03:30
You mean watching Keith Moon ist more exciting than watching Keith's Moog?

22-08-2007, 08:39:41
Not these days.

C.G.B. Spender
22-08-2007, 08:40:45
Yeah. Moogs have improved these days ...

Gramercy Riffs
22-08-2007, 09:14:49
Heres what may or may not be a Moog being raped. Either way, its darn good...


C.G.B. Spender
22-08-2007, 10:01:19
Is that the star wars kid?