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08-11-2001, 12:29:26
KO minus 15 days and counting. :D

Resource Consumer
08-11-2001, 12:34:24
What is supposed to be so good about this game? I assume it is a RT game other than a management game.

So, why is it different to any other kickabout game (at which I am useless so I never buy them)?

08-11-2001, 12:43:14
It's effectively the sequel to ISS Pro Evolution 2 from the Playstation. That (and ISS Pro Evolution 1) is the game that has consumed most of my game playing time over the last 2 years. It is the most satisfyingly authentic feeling football game ever. You can play any style you want and get good results. There's no real magic formula that one thing will always get you goals. It feels like football. It's really hard to score, if you score a goal it is an achievement every time.

You get everything that you might get in real football, a team can be dominating the game for 90 minutes and just not score whilst their opponents get a last minute breakaway and win. A team can get a 5-0 win where every shot seems to go in and you can get every type of game in between. You never have a game that feels the same twice. Some games are interminable bore draws, others can be the most exciting 0-0s ever.

It has a great, flexible and responsive control model but the main thing it has going for it is this feel about the game that gets you as excited as you do about watching your own team play real football.

It's the most satisfying multiplayer game ever.

C.G.B. Spender
08-11-2001, 13:08:34
You mean Civ 3?

08-11-2001, 13:42:00
I will laugh if the game sucks after you built it up so much.

08-11-2001, 13:46:21
The reviews are backing up the hype I'm generating. Plus the Japanese version has been out for ages and that's apparently brilliant. :D

08-11-2001, 13:57:13
This game would not suck if it was the world's largest boiled sweet/fluffer/hoover.

To true football fans like me it represents the orgasm crystallized into computer game form.

I could turn out pages of hyperbole on this baby. It is just soooooooo good!!!

08-11-2001, 13:59:11
I'm getting a PS2 just to celebrate the launch.

210 with 2 controllers and any game. :D

08-11-2001, 21:24:48
The way you twats talk about it makes me want to buy a PS2 as well.

Resource Consumer
08-11-2001, 23:23:46
Do I understand correctly that this is only available on the PS2? No PC version?

08-11-2001, 23:53:11
Correct. I'm spending 200 on a console and the only reason is to play this game.

Resource Consumer
09-11-2001, 00:31:52
Expensive game. Like those people who bought whizzy computer to play SMAC. Remember those sad posts on .owo?

What if you found it was full of bugs. Would they say "sorry, your PS2 is not capable of...blah..."

Benefitis of integrated development I suppose.

09-11-2001, 09:24:31
You don't really get bugs in console games.

Resource Consumer
09-11-2001, 09:29:15
No bugs. That's probably why consol gaming is not a social pursuit. There's none of that community building that a good bug infestation engenders.

09-11-2001, 09:30:55
Well there are never config bugs. I'm not so sure about gameplay bugs, I've not played enough games enough times but I haven't really found any in the games I have played.

Unless you count the ISS commentary as a bug that is.

09-11-2001, 12:42:24
Oh and I forgot..

KO minus 14 days and counting. :D

09-11-2001, 12:47:48
Yes, no bugs, no patches, thank god for consoles. After spending my working days testing crappy code in the office, the last thing i want to do is go home and do it all again with something i've just paid thirty quid for.
I'm constantly amazed at the low quality expectations of the pc buying public. This is why the PC will always be the domain of the nerds - there is no such thing as a pick up and play PC game.

Oh and the commentary isn't a bug - it's what we in the testing industry call a faliure: a deviation of the software from its expected delivery. ;)

09-11-2001, 12:50:21
I think it's partly just a translation cock up.

The problem is that they've got a lot of stock phrases which are used in too wide a variety of situations. eg. That's gone over the bar used any time a shot is off target.

The crap commentary is endearing.

20-11-2001, 16:43:13
you were right about the release date :(
imagine my disappointment as i walked around town last week and couldn't find it anywhere :(
and i ended up buying smackdown just bring it and it wasn't all that good :(
roll on friday (also payday) :) :beer:

22-11-2001, 14:32:45
I'll be getting one lunchtime tomorrow... well it's being got for me. PS2, Pro Evo Soccer, 2 controllers, memorycard.

22-11-2001, 16:13:42
cool:cool: :smoke:
get practicing, you know i'll be brilliant by the end of the weekend:D

22-11-2001, 16:44:21
I'm already brilliant. Unfortunately I only have Shakey to play so it's not much of a challenge on the 36 inch widescreen surroundsound TV...

23-11-2001, 04:07:28
Feel the power.

23-11-2001, 10:00:42
Getting the PS2 today! Yay!

24-11-2001, 15:47:22
After 1st game:Looks amazing, dissappointing, unreactive hard.
After 2nd game: Discovered secondary run button... flowing more, getting better.
After 3 hours play: Starting to unlearn 2 years of ISS moves, scoring goals with club teams if not at international level.
After 7 hours play: Fucking amazing, there are things fixed in PES that I had long since adapted to in ISS. Playing Real against Manchester United feels like you are in the Champions league. Starting to touch on the surface of some of the new options. Have had everything from a 0-0 to a 5-2 After Extra Time match where I scored 4 goals in one 15 minute period of injury time.

A lot still to learn...

26-11-2001, 14:34:29
Stop talking about it. You're making me want to buy it and I can't afford it right now.

26-11-2001, 14:41:57
You can't buy it in the US as far as I can tell and the UK version won't work on a US PS2 I don't think. :(

26-11-2001, 14:43:11
I sent an e-mail to the Sony people asking them about that. I think it may work.

26-11-2001, 14:55:55
They are different formats I think, NSTC and PAL.

We've been discussing some stuff on e-mail. I'm stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment, not playing any kind of creative game. Problem I'm having is having to unlearn all my ISS Pro Evo 2 skills and learn how to adapt to the new game.

It's hard...

26-11-2001, 14:57:46
Hey. Quit being a fucking downer. Positive thoughts man. Positive thoughts.

It's gonna work. It's gonna work. It's gonna work. It's gonna work.

26-11-2001, 15:04:01
You can always get a UK PS2, they cost the same!

26-11-2001, 15:10:07
But then I have to import ALL my games.

26-11-2001, 15:40:40
Who needs other games?

26-11-2001, 15:43:47
Me and my friend Attention Defecit Disorder.

The Shaker
26-11-2001, 17:52:53
However 'nice' a game is, I always have to enjoy playing a game to give it a good review.
So far, having played about 12 Master league games, with scores ranging from a massive 1-0 to me, to a massive 1-0 against, i'm finding the game intensely frustrating.
I guess the realism factor has been upped for this, certainly certain thangs have been vastly improved.
If 2 players collide, they both lose a bit of direction, becoming more clumsy temporarily.
Balls ricochet more accurately, meaning twating the ball hard out of the area can cause unfortunate errors.
Can't manage to do a defensive header yet.
They havn't sorted out the commentary, it's not even funny now, it's just shit.
The automatic selection of a player is worse than before.
It will select a player miles offscreen, halfway across the other side of the pitch to try and intercept a runner on goal, even if there is someone in a much more sensible position to intercept.
The whole free kick thing still seems slightly better than ISS, the ball doesn't just get shot up 20 miles into the air waiting to come down later that week. But since i can't head the ball it is pretty useless anyway.

Overall no opinion. Frustrating, classy, irritating, smooth.

Resource Consumer
26-11-2001, 21:18:28
Is this only a 2 player game or is there a single player option?

My chances of getting Mrs RC to play a decent game... Hold that, my chances of getting Mrs RC to play at all are....well.....zero:(

26-11-2001, 21:55:06
Yes but shaker you've always been historically crap at ISS!! :D

26-11-2001, 22:56:18
There are loads of single player options, you can play a one off friendly. There are a selection of International cups. Main 1 player is the Master League where you take a collection of nobodies and play a long league, as you win matches you earn points and money with which to buy better players. The master league has 2 divisions and when you win the first division you get bonus teams and players.

I haven't played the 1p stuff much but King G has been playing them a lot.

Resource Consumer
26-11-2001, 23:39:06
I am seriously tempted to give this a try.

My concern, though, is that the problems with my hads these days (not good) mean that I am goin to be completely useless if this is a real vicious joystick type game.

27-11-2001, 11:25:51

Since you would require a PS2 to play it it isn't a trivial investment. If you would like to try it you can come over and play my version.

I haven't tried the 1 player game yet... there is e-mail conversation on the subject flitting around at the moment and Shakey, my old housemate Dave and KingG are all really getting into the Masterleague by the sound of things. I'm going to try and get something rigged up with a little TV in my room so that I can play 1 player when people are watching the main TV.

Found out today that in addition to the slow walk, dribble run and sprint buttons there is also a jump button which means that there are 4 movement speeds for the players which take 3 buttons to control them and a jump... going to take some getting used to all the different options.

Had 4 great games against Shakey yesterday. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, first 2 games he was Barca and won them both, second 2 I was Barca and won both those. Had some great goals and action in all the games.

Barca seem a lot easier to play than Real, although Real have great skillful midfielders (Zidane, Figo, Luis Enrique) they are a bit slow, you need to be clever using them. Rivaldo is a quick skillful powerhouse and is a lot easier to use, Overmars is also very quick and a great wing player.. Also whilst Raul is
a good player he doesn't seem to have the strength and reactions of Kluivert or the unbelievably good Samio (sic). Possibly get more out of Real by playing Roberto Carlos in midfield to exploit his pace going forward but he's brillant defensively, so quick that he can save you in a lot of tough situations.