View Full Version : I'm trying to remember the name of a song

04-08-2007, 12:48:40
I think it's 3 years old or so. Popular. Some girl singing about how ever thing sucks cause she's lost her bf. Distinctive looking video that used to play a lot. Has a stringy, tomboyishly dressed, waify type singer.

Greg W
04-08-2007, 12:55:09
Wow, lots of info to go by there, can't imagine why I can't think what it is. :cute:


Oh, and:

04-08-2007, 13:19:43
WTF, we have a music forum? Damn...I'll go there. And sorry, I really can't remember much more. Maybe you could ask prompting quesitons?

Gramercy Riffs
04-08-2007, 14:24:48
Ok. It is a good song?

04-08-2007, 14:26:25
Does it go "lalala"?

04-08-2007, 21:59:31
Gramercy: I liked it. I thought it was catchy. And having once loved and lost, have gotten to where I like lost love songs. Could see how someone might find it trite or chickish.