View Full Version : Vinyl Blues

Scabrous Birdseed
28-07-2007, 15:46:44
Folks, I don't know if you've ever been in the situation I was in today. Well, Ol' Blind Melon Birdseed is gonna describe it for ya.

*strums guitar*

I went to a flea market
Intent on buying stuff
Yeah I drove to that flea market
Gonna buy useful stuff

Instead I ended up buying records
And CDs and singles

I went into the town
Hoping to eat some food
I went into the nearby town
Cause I wanted to eat some food

Instead I ended up buying records
And a book but that don't count

Now I'm sitting here with my records
And I feel a bit ashamed
I usually defend my records
But now I feel a bit ashamed

I don't really have a one track mind
It just sometimes feels that way


Scabrous Birdseed
28-07-2007, 17:41:53
Sorry about this post. It was originally going to be a straight "Have you ever felt ashamed for doing anything to excess, specifically consuming certain objects and turning a blind eye to all others?" post, but I got carried away.

So, anyway, have you?

28-07-2007, 20:25:32
I'm sorry about this post too