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Lazarus and the Gimp
28-07-2007, 10:09:54
My favourite film of the year so far.

It got plenty of press due to its jaw-droppingly explicit sex scenes. What didn't get so much attention was the fact that it's an extremely warm and compassionate film, with a heart of gold. If porn's aim is to cause sexual arousal, this film's aim was definitely to make the viewer think, and laugh. And be sexually aroused, of course.

The sex scenes themself are usually hilarious. It's great to see an art fil that strenuously avoids po-faced pomposity where shagging is concerned. It's a great film, though not for the squeamish- particularly if the sight of men having sex with each other and themselves is likely to cause you a fit of the vapours.

28-07-2007, 15:01:26
Thanks for the warning. By the way, the gal in The Crying Game is a guy.

Scabrous Birdseed
05-08-2007, 20:08:55
I thought it was really good, but I didn't rate the ending at all. Very simplistic final message for such a complex movie. Also, the guy playing Jamie was pretty much Derek Zoolander which didn't fit the film's atmosphere at all.

Other than that, excellent. Liked the New Yorkiness of it, the soundtrack, the art direction, the actors and the memorable script. Hopefully the guy will go on to direct more "straight" movies in the future, he's clearly got talent and doesn't need to do shock to succeed.

24-08-2007, 20:02:35
I agree with Laz's testimony. I also was glad that I covered my eyes in disgust at the gay scenes and then didn't cover them at all but wasn't sexually aroused. As opposed to the lesbian scenes that gave me the beggining of a boner.
A very compasionate and warm film indeed. And it also did something to me regarding sexual jealousy. I think it diminished it.