View Full Version : I'm back and I think my cars just been written off

27-07-2007, 19:16:23
Just got back from dorset, and on the M5 on the way back some twat failed to stop when the motorway was stopped and drove his transit into the back of a landrover which stuck its nose some distance into my boot.

worrying looking bent bits around the rear wings - I think the chassis might be bent.


At least its not my fault this time. Am now going to have to get either a one way hire or a taxi down to gatwick and claim the money back from the insurance company.

just what I need when I am totally skint.

Resource Consumer
27-07-2007, 19:29:54
That's a bugger. Seeing the thread title I thought you had abandoned the car after failing to dry out the spark plugs.

It's a bugger. I assume you are home now. But the Maldives will seem even better.

27-07-2007, 20:24:50
yeah, finally got home after the bastard RAC recovery contractor picked us up off the motorway, towed the car to a garage iun tewkesbury (yes just next to the massive flood) and then told us he couldn't take us or the car back to our home. Fucker.

In the end got the insurance compamy to find a different recovery truck to get us back to brum but we got here so late that the repair center that the car was meant to go to was closed so we now have the bent car sitting outside on our road and the insurance people will have to sort it out from there.

Fortunately they have agreed to pay our travel costs to gatwick so I dont need a car at all for a bit. And as its the summer hols I have time to go car shopping.

27-07-2007, 20:46:33
Claim you have back injuries and totally milk the system.

27-07-2007, 20:56:28
My back hurts just thinking about Beta's boot.