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18-07-2007, 09:21:37
This is the supposed spoiler of the ending of the next Harry Potter, as spread around by the hacker known as Gabriel (who writes almost as badly as Rowling)

This is almost as fun as telling a 5 years old Santa doesn't exist

>>> Voldemort killed Hermione. Yes, that's true. And we knew that 2 days
>> ago.
>>> This is the end of the not yet published (someone could call that
>> 0day) book
>>> Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows .
>>> At the end of the story Hagrid was killed by Snape in the attempt of
>> ambush Hermione and Ron.
>>> Ron and Hermione flees in privet drive but Voldermort, surprising
>> them, engaged a magical duel with Ron and Hermione.
>>> Voldemort attacked trough the imperius curse and Hermione, to
>> protect the life of Ron fight hardly for more than 6 pages and then
>> finally die.
>>> (boring, very boring... it's always the same story!)
>>> Then, to make a long story short, Harry came up, killed all the bad
>> guys and Hogwarts against became a good place to stay and have fun.
>>> Ah, i missed one important information about Draco Malfoy, he
>> started to create Horcrux (for fun and profit!).
>>> The end.

18-07-2007, 12:02:42
It's not true. I've either seen the greatest fake book in the world, or the real thing, and that's not how it ends.

18-07-2007, 12:38:42
what? you refuse to believe a russian hacker!?
how unreasonnable

18-07-2007, 13:18:09
I know. It's crazy!

I actually thought that might be possible until I found the actual scans of the book online.

18-07-2007, 13:34:48
as we're too lazy to search ourselves, maybe you could share?

18-07-2007, 13:45:59
The files are at home and I only read the last 4 pages or so, but, assuming this is real and extrapolating from what I read, the book ends 19 years after the death of Voldemort. Harry and Ginny are at the train station sending their children off to Hogwarts as are Ron and Hermione.

I also gathered that Snape was killed, not sure how, but Harry refers to him as the bravest man he ever knew. Oh and one of Harry's kids is named Albus. Another might be named James. Not sure on that because, again, only read the last 4 pages.

18-07-2007, 13:52:26
sounds lily livered and plausible

18-07-2007, 13:54:29
What I have is pictures of every, and I do mean, every page of the book. Including the front and back covers. It certainly looks real.

18-07-2007, 13:59:59
They will have to sex up Ron in the movies pretty intensely if they want anybody to believe he could shag the fairly hot actress who plays Hermione

18-07-2007, 14:21:54
Someone said that the girl who plays Hermione doesn't want to do the movies anymore so maybe they just ugly her up a bit.

18-07-2007, 14:36:33
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18-07-2007, 14:44:07
she started like that


18-07-2007, 14:46:17
and turned into.... a bavarian Fraülein!!!!!


18-07-2007, 14:54:21
It's magic!

18-07-2007, 15:35:38
no, it's Landschaftmagie!

18-07-2007, 18:02:26
Where are die Berge?

19-07-2007, 11:40:16
Read a few more pages last night and it seems several more members of the Order of the Phoenix die. Oh and Dumbledore is back in the form of his portrait in the headmaster's office.

19-07-2007, 12:18:23
the order of the phoenix is where I stopped reading HP, just mind bogglingly boring to read the same story 3 times (I had skipped 2 tomes before)

I was especially annoyed with Rowling always pressing the same button (the sense of injustice, so easily understandable by pre to post teens) to create some sort of emotion with the reader. She pressed this button robotically and maniacally like a sex starved autist who'd discover a clitoris for the first time

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
22-07-2007, 02:50:28
Read it.

My predictions were sorta half right. Sorta.

Disappointing last chapter though.

26-07-2007, 12:44:34
I was totally right about Snape. Go me!

26-07-2007, 13:07:10
Hey I was right about who RAB was in the old Harry Potter thread.

Immortal Wombat
28-07-2007, 13:25:49
The last chapter was toss: completely unnecessary and excessively saccharine. The rest of the book was ok, although I felt that again, the constant introduction of new plot tokens did get in the way of a proper treatment of the existing ones. Various bits were slightly disappointing, superficial, cliched or cribbed, and I'm not convinced that she hadn't been reading too much fanfic again. The plot was mostly reasonable though, covered most of the loose ends and ended in the best compromise one could have hoped for. Harry should totally have died though.

28-07-2007, 14:59:07
We are of a mind:

-Harry should have died. The "walk to death" was gripping. And to have it mean nothing, was a cheat.
-The last chapter was too sweet and lacked good information
-characters were killed willy nilly without much of an impact on emotions (Remus, Tonk, Mad Eye, etc.) Only Dobby was well-handled. And Rowling's best killing in the whole series was Cedric. I think somehow Rowling got the idea that killing characters would make things more real and gripping, but she does it so mechanically, that it makes it more unreal...we don't care.
-agreed on fan fic. Also, she is just tired and rich and lacks the drive that she did in the beginning.
-also, book lacks the little details that make things interesting (chocolate frogs, the potion lessons, etc.). That was always her best thing.
-The spat with Ron leaving and coming back was pointless (I think she wanted to titilate the female fans who agitate for Hermione to marry the hero...but still poorly done...she lacks the ability to make such a conflict really meaningful and interesting.)
-I guess the above is an example of a plot complication that was unnessary (also the Hallows and the Dumbledore brother thingie).
-I liked it better than 6. 6 was way too dry and "set-uppy".
-Many things alluded to earlier never got settled (e.g. Aunt Petunia, Draco)
-book had several continuity and even grammar errors (and she has editors to help with this).

30-07-2007, 08:30:26
I thought it was really good, read almost the whole thing yesterday.
I could have done without the last "happily ever after" chapter though, it seemed pointless to me and didn't add anything at all.

self biased
30-07-2007, 14:34:10
i agree, tizzy. i'd much rather have preferred a tolkien-esque appendix that describes character's actions after the book ends.

30-07-2007, 15:29:21
It's a good job I'm too lazy to read books...:D