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18-07-2007, 07:05:13
"Using refridgerator magnets could raise the risk of developing cancer by almost a third, US scientists say."

Quite a shocking article. I used to have a lot of those funny magnets.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6900524.stm (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6900524.stm)

18-07-2007, 10:00:14
Is this some sort of advanced red X (file) forum joke?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
18-07-2007, 10:01:36
I read that as "fringe magnets". Makes more sense with the article.

18-07-2007, 10:21:23
Also, ordinary household fans, if left on overnight, can KILL you. FACT.

18-07-2007, 10:54:32
They also kill FACTs

18-07-2007, 10:57:37
The dangerous kitchen
If it ain't one thing it's another
In the middle of the night when you get home
The bread things are all dry 'n' scratchy
The meat things
Where the cats ate through the paper
The can things with the sharp little edges
That can cut your fingers when you're not looking
The soft little things on the floor that you step on
They can all be DANGEROUS
Sometimes the milk can hurt you
(If you put it on your cereal
Before you smell the plastic container)
And the stuff in the strainer
Has a mind of its own
So be very careful
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Where the cream is all clabbered
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Your return in the evening
Can be less than delightful
You must walk very careful
You must not lean against it
It can get on your clothing
It can follow you in
As you walk to the bedroom
And you take all your clothes off
While you're sleeping
It crawls off
It gets in your bed
It could get on your face then
It could eat your complexion
You could die from the danger
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Who the fuck wants to clean it?
It's disgusting and dirty
The sponge on the drainer
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What you get on your hands then
Could un-balance your glands and
Make you blind or whatever
In the dangerous kitchen
At my house tonight

18-07-2007, 10:59:39
The ALL-CAPS, not to mention the excessive use of commas, make it TRUE.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
18-07-2007, 11:00:38
Are you a realtor?

18-07-2007, 11:02:36
That all depends. Would you buy a house from me if I was?

18-07-2007, 11:19:31
Real Tor!!!!

18-07-2007, 11:27:13
Truth doesn't come from commas! It comes from escalamamationing marks and links!


Like laughter comes from :)

18-07-2007, 11:31:53
You, sir, are wrong. See? TRUTH!

18-07-2007, 11:32:40

18-07-2007, 11:34:02

18-07-2007, 11:34:30
As my arguments stand on their own merits, I, for one, do not need links.

18-07-2007, 11:36:14
Originally posted by Drekkus
www.youcan'thandlethetruth.com You can't post links

Scabrous Birdseed
18-07-2007, 11:36:30
Drekkus, that link goes to a porn site you know.

18-07-2007, 11:36:42
If it's somewhere on the net, it's true!

18-07-2007, 11:45:04
Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
Drekkus, that link goes to a porn site you know. Yes, 404 pron addicts united

18-07-2007, 12:10:30
That's one hot 404.

Evan von Christoph
20-07-2007, 14:16:30
I think it depends where you insert the magnet and whether or not the current is on.

26-07-2007, 15:05:42
I can't believe some idiots did post here