View Full Version : Finding music arse backwards

Scabrous Birdseed
16-07-2007, 07:57:13
I wrote in the other thread that I bought two Pet Shop Boys albums recently. Now, I've not listened much to the Pet Shop Boys but once I did I thought they were excellent. Nothing strange in that - I've discovered loads of artists by buying them unheard.

No, what was different was the reason I bought the albums. I've not listened to PSB before because I thought they were just another mainstreamish indie/synth act. But once I read they were heavily influenced by New York Hi-NRG producer Bobby Orlando I wanted to hear them.

So basically I discovered, and found appreciation for, a more mainstream act via a more obscure act. It's usually the other way around, you'd think.

What genres, acts, musical phenomena have you discovered or finally understood only after you started digging deeper in less well-known soil? What would you consider to be the strangest way you've got to an artist?