View Full Version : The rain finanally stopped ...

12-07-2007, 05:50:06
then I woke up. Rain again.

12-07-2007, 06:00:07

what a life what a life

Dyl Ulenspiegel
12-07-2007, 08:10:26
anal rain?

12-07-2007, 10:07:25
Donít know why
Thereís no sun up in the sky
Stormy weather
Since my man and I ainít together
Keeps raining all the time

Life is bare
Gloom and misery everywhere
Stormy weather
Just canít get my poor old self together
Iím weary all the time, the time
So weary all of the time

C.G.B. Spender
12-07-2007, 10:09:25
Into each life some rain must fall
But too much is falling in mine
Into each heart some tears must fall
But some day the sun will shine
Some folks can lose the blues in their hearts
But when I think of you another shower starts
Into each life some rain must fall
But too much is falling in mine

Scabrous Birdseed
12-07-2007, 11:12:49
Blat, blat, blat, blat, hey Joe uh let me git 'em
It's young money and we on like the television
The weather channel, but I do not broadcast
I throw up more cash, and change the forecast
Your boyfriend is lame, I make it rain on you
He never make it rain, like Southern California
Where's your umbrella? Now get your raincoat
Baby I make it flood, now you gon' need a boat

C.G.B. Spender
12-07-2007, 11:14:56
Oh, it's raining again
Oh no, my love's at an end.
Oh no, it's raining again
and you know it's hard to pretend.
Oh no, it's raining again
Too bad I'm losing a friend.
Oh no, it's raining again
Oh, will my heart never mend.

Scabrous Birdseed
12-07-2007, 11:16:42
I wanna go outside in the rain
It may sound crazy
But I wanna go outside (go outside) in the rain
Now I, I think I'm gonna cry
And I, I don't want you to see me cry