View Full Version : "The Authoritarians" A free ebook worth a read

11-07-2007, 16:34:44
I recommend this free ebook to anyone interested in contemporary politics. I think it sheds more light on current issues than most other books I have read.

The author is Rob Altemeyer, a professor from the University of Manitoba, and probably the world authority on the so-called "authoritarian personality". I came across it from reading one of John Dean's (yes, the Watergate Dean) books, which was heavily based on Altemeyer's research.

For the record, I think I got in the mid 20s for his authoritarian personality test, which is in line with my odd results for the political compass test (-10 left, -9.5 authoritarian).

You can get a complete PDF of the book here (it has been authorised for download by the author). It's less than an hour's read for most people.

fhttp://members.shaw.ca/jeanaltemeye...horitarians.pd (http://ebooks.nypl.org/1696B484-4B51-4181-96AA-48BEF59BC98F/10/206/en/ContentDetails.htm?id={A8BC448D-D5EA-43B2-B92D-B40AE44D8951})