View Full Version : Does anyone still use ICQ or something?

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 14:08:44
Or was it killed by SMS? I just started it by accidently clickong on a funny icon just to find all 1432 contacts offline.

You hate me, right?

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 14:09:50
I am 1431 of them

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 14:10:13
I haven't used it in years

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 14:10:27
But do you hate me?

09-07-2007, 14:11:48
MSN became ubiquitous.

09-07-2007, 14:14:21
I hate all of them. You end up wasting hours talking to people you don't really want to.

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 14:14:43
That was me!

09-07-2007, 14:16:05

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 14:17:17
'm sorry. So sorry. Forgive me please and come to ICQ. Please please

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 14:33:08
I hear the voice of ajli

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 14:36:15
Is he online? What's his ICQ number? Quick!

Scabrous Birdseed
09-07-2007, 16:42:04
I've never used MSN, most people I know use Skype.

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:30:31
ajli drove us all to Skype

09-07-2007, 18:31:51
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
I haven't used it in years

Same here.

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:33:04
ICQ? Or are you trying to tell us something?

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:33:16
I think this all explains why nobody is online ...

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:35:09
I am mystified. Actually, wasn't Skype designed by the same geezers who designed ICQ? Or am I talking even more bollocks than usual?

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:38:45
Somebody does someting. Somebody else buys it. Money is earned. Bollocks talk ... That's the way it goes.

Bad case of deja vo writing this

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:42:18
my bollocks talk all the time - only decent conversation I get

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:43:19
Nothing wrong with that, better than being dead

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:46:27
yes - but they talk like budgies

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:50:28
So do I

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:51:16
you should post on Poly

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:51:39
I did!

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:52:28
and you wonder why you talk like a budgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:54:47
They deleted most of the threads I was posting in. It really wasn't worth keeping the posts. I found it boring over there. I'm too dumb to handle all the information over there. I don't even know what this thread is about

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:55:41
excellent - you should be a moderator

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 18:57:14
That's what Funko said.

The complicated part of Poly is that your post has to be somewhat related to all the posts before. Thats's quite a strange concept.

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:58:22
It never bothered me - that's why they asked me to be a mod

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 18:58:43
but is that inthe rules?

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 19:01:40
Yeah .. rules ... strange,

It's sad. Imagine you got a good idea (hard to imagine, buty hypothepotically).

Why not post it? I mean: I could post the lyrics of the yankee doodle here and it would be fine.

Actually it would be much better than this crap.

Any lyrics would be better ...

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 19:05:50
then you would have to be banned as you failed the antiqualitycensormotivebannertest

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 19:07:13
Sometimes I think banning is what keeps them together.

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 19:08:18
banning is certainly something that gives communities a sense of togetherness. That is why Polytubbies are such a cohesive and well adjusted bunch

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 19:09:48
It's like the army. Jungle warfare! Who's next? Better stay together ...

09-07-2007, 19:36:33
ICQ still exists?

Resource Consumer
09-07-2007, 19:39:07
Originally posted by C.G.B. Spender
It's like the army. Jungle warfare! Who's next? Better stay together ...

yeah - but look at the nasty diseases you can get in the jungle

09-07-2007, 19:41:01
MSN messenger is the worst, ICQ is nearly as bad.

C.G.B. Spender
09-07-2007, 19:41:23
You get that from the ladies, not the jungle