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25-06-2007, 13:18:28
Watched via television from the comfort of dry, mudless surroundings in rural Shropshire.

Any first hand accounts?

Particular highlights of the patchy coverage I caught were Bjork on Friday night. I made myself most exhausted for work the next day by watching the hour long set until 1:30am. Very worth it.

I thought Iggy and the Stooges were pretty awesome and the invited mid-set stage invasion for 'No Fun' was pure comedy. A tide of the great unwashed. I felt a genuine pleasure for them, knowing this would be the highlight of a weekend battling adverse conditions. A couple of the early, more nimble trespassers managed to unfurl a banner centre stage proclaiming 'Bring Back the Wispa', thoughtfully drawn in the correct font which brought some surreal, nostalgic amusement despite its student krazy. The ensuing 10-15 minutes while Iggy tried to retake the stage was painfully funny.

As the song ends the singer asks for some water. One of the female fans now onstage passes him a bottle with a kiss. "Thank you sweetheart," he says before recoiling.

"Oh no," protests Iggy Pop, legendarily unpredictable grand vizier of rock debauchery, who mere minutes before had been singing about being Dirt. "It's covered in mud!"

Otherwise I was left quite unmoved by everything I saw, for all the Bowman, Lowe and Laverne lauding of Gogol Bordello. No. I guess the greatest pitfall of home viewing is the heavy focus upon the two main stages. I'm sure many gems were left undiscovered.

Is Patrick Wolf a retarded Morrissey impersonator? Just wondrin'

25-06-2007, 14:25:15
:lol: nice post. i missed the stooges shenanigans, that sounds brilliant.

every year since i last went has been awful. i take a great schadenfreude-like pleasure in that

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25-06-2007, 21:42:58
I just take a shower and think what the proles are missing. I tought K'naan was PDG. Yes - Wolf is definitely Morrisey in sheeps clothing and on the fiddle.

I missed GB - they are also PDG on record but missed them in NYC earlier this year so can't comment on the livey shenaniganskis

26-06-2007, 08:16:35
GB = Gogol Bordello?
PDG = Pretty darn good?
NYC = easy

I saw K'naan and yeah, that was probably one of the better acts that was previously unknown to me.

28-06-2007, 20:52:23
Cool Time/No Fun Stage Invasion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDTTB2p-OoI)

The Aftermath (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HjY8_om-0U)

The Aftermath is shot from the crowd. Get audience perspective such as "Get off the stage you cunts!!"

Amusing attempts at crowd control from Iggy too.

Personal favourite.

"Whoa!! Easy, don't hurt him, don't hurt him. Not a man dressed as a clown, come on, give me a break now. Everything's Cool. They're just some muddy motherfuckers."