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14-06-2007, 15:17:37
Another strategy game. This time it's a card game, like MtG et al I imagine. The idea is you need to build a castle 100 high before your opponent. You could just knock your opponent's castle down instead though.


14-06-2007, 16:58:30
its essentially Arcomage - a minigame from inside one of the Might and Magic series

Arcomage ruled, I played it at least as much as the actual M&M game

Centara Fugue
14-06-2007, 19:24:08
Neat game.

14-06-2007, 22:15:46
yep, its a nice find! :beer:

15-06-2007, 11:13:12
Main problem with this is the lack of longevity. Once you've beaten it a few times, it lacks variety.

Centara Fugue
15-06-2007, 20:40:56
Hmmm, I'm addicted. I think it has a good bit of longevity, since it never quite plays out the same way twice.

15-06-2007, 21:06:54
'Curse' is vastly overpowered.

15-06-2007, 22:42:00
It took me a while to realize that MtG meant Magic: the Gathering and not MichaelTheGreat...

I go now

Centara Fugue
17-06-2007, 03:45:05
The stat buffs as well as curse are really powerful if you can use them early. For that matter, the stat buff cards are always pretty good, but sometimes spending for 2 pixies or 2 dragons can beat spending curse later in the game. The problem I usually have is figuring out how far into the game I am... this one has a way of lasting a looong time. Curse is powerful, but it is also expensive, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't say it is overpowered.

Centara Fugue
17-06-2007, 06:52:12
Another thing I've noticed is that if the game goes on long enough, one or both players will have such a large stockpile of consumables that the cards that add or take away 8 of the consumables have little or no effect. At the same time, you get to do silly things like casting 2 Babylons in a row.

17-06-2007, 07:30:32
The strategy in this game is really just determined by what cards you get. There's really not much point in trying to plan too much.

18-06-2007, 13:02:28
Too much randomness, not enough strategy. Boring.