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Tau Ceti
03-06-2007, 14:33:00

getting a shot is much tougher for Tabuse then the big guys coming from Asia.
"Sometimes you need that little push to get over the hump," Planells said.
He responded by saying, "Exposure would be the starting point when it comes to enabling more Japanese players to receive U.S. college scholarships. It would be good to have an exposure camp where some of the top high school players in Japan can come together
"Now Japan doesn't need to do that, (but) it has to realize the importance of having these training facilities, bring in coaches and trainers who want to be a part of it and grow it into a national program.

"You will see that in as little as one to three years there will be such an improvement that in five to 10 years the country will have a plethora of young and talented players who are all vying to play for their country."
Looking ahead to the future, I wanted to know Planells' impression of what the bj-league's reputation will be in five or 10 years. So I asked him.

He offered this optimistic picture:

"The bj-league should end up growing to be one of the top one or two leagues in all of Asia and a top-eight league around the world.
What better way to expose him to his own culture (than) with the bj-league Web site?