View Full Version : Leaving Forever

30-05-2007, 14:56:48
Off to Lanzarote for a week from tomorrow.

Forecast is: Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun - not sure about the other two days...

"Dos cervezas, por favor!":beer:

30-05-2007, 14:57:33
Mon, Tue?

Provost Harrison
30-05-2007, 16:56:51
Not bad, I will be off away soon for a few days...I need to take more holidays...

12-06-2007, 23:39:51
I'm back BTW...

Fantastic holiday, though the forecast should have been Wind, Wind, Wind, Wind, Wind...

And no, that's not because of something I ate!:p

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Provost Harrison
14-06-2007, 13:07:21
And I'm off to Spain very shortly...although the weather in Zaragoza looks crap :(

14-06-2007, 13:44:48
These days the weather in Blighty is far better than Spain's