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30-05-2007, 09:18:28
so it's like this: this morning I get 20 mn of free time before going to work, something that never happens. I need my dose of PES6 so I go for a quick match. Master league, int'l level (I finally made it, after 2 years on normal), important league match, I have a strong team (I'm in my second season, I have most of the best players), I play an average one (south yorkshire or whatever).

For 80 minutes, I dominate head and shoulders but create relatively few chances (less than 10 shotsfor me, but 0 for him). He doesn't even get close to my posts. After bumping my head on his defence 350 times, I score. Immediately after, kick-off for him, long pass, my defence gets the ball confortably, all the time in the world, but my defender makes a totally bizarre and uncalled for pass straight to the opposing attacker, two passes later one of their attacker makes a fantastic volley in the top corner from 30 meters.

:shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :bash: :bash: :bash:

this game is fucking cheating, I swear

30-05-2007, 09:36:16

i've seen a lot of discussion on pesfan over the years as to whether the computer really does 'cheat' or not, specifically in two scenarios: late in the game or in important matches. some people are convinced, personally i'm not.

but in terms of what you've described, that doesn't seem unusual. the computer is the master of the goal out of nowhere/from impossible angles etc.

i had a a break from pes for a quite a while but have been playing a bit recently, i'm toying with changing my terrible old ps2 into a new one with the network adapter and playing online.

anway i'm currently trying to win the last trophy i'm missing in the game, the masters league masters cup thing (UEFA cup) with a created team. this is one of the weakest teams i've used in ML but i finished in the top 5 and am just trying to fix it so i drop out of the CL groups and into the UEFA

Walrus Feeder
31-05-2007, 20:46:16
I've been chalking up a few hours on PES6 on the PS2 recently doing the Masters League. I sent off for a memory card download which has all the correct data and also Championship teams in too.

I started the Masters League (which i did before on PES5) but chose what customised the 4 main leagues and the 2nd division i started in. This meant i was playing against teams like Birmingham, Wolves and Sunderland rather than stupid teams like Den Haag etc.

Managed to get promoted after just 2 seasons playing 4231 and grinding out enough results to allow me to bring new players in - mainly on part exchange since your starting start are all crap.

After 5 seasons in Prem i have won Treble with an awesome squad. Attackers Higuain and Gago from Real are quality and the likes of Mascherano, Tevez, Yakubu, Ribery, Heitinga and some unknowns such as Wallner and Aissati are great too.

What i do find though is that after quite a few seasons the top teams don't strengthen as much and you end up playing Chelsea with too many of the existing line-up in their mid 30's!

01-06-2007, 08:31:20
that behaviour might be down to the settings you have for transfer frequency and transfer difficulty. when i played a ML campaign with all the classic players active and transfer frequency set high, it wasn't long before every team i came up against featured three or four classic players.

and frankly real madrid are tough enough without finding out they've added maradona to the midfield :D

01-06-2007, 09:09:19
I'm not sure I get the classic players on PES6 (xbox360 edition)... actually I never saw any of them :(

Aissati is not unknown, he is often named on of the best prospect on the PESfan boards (I always buy him). Excellent attacking midfielder

I normally buy Park from brussels, Matthieu from Toulouse, MBami from PSG, Nzobia, Joao Moutinho, Tevez, Vomme, Loni, Piccolo, Aton Ferdinand, a young french keeper whose name I can't remember (altough I played him 2.000 times), Matuidi, Martins, Torres, Auguero, Sobis. I sometimes get Mutu and Anelka (average stats but surprisingly good), but normally sell them after one or two seasons.

I play Juve and customised the leagues to get all the clubs I had never played in ML before (the greeks, turks, german, portuguese, scots, and a few french clubs). won the treble on my second season in top flight (not counting the half season to go up), but only double this season (finished yesterday, lost in champ league QF to ManU, 3-4 at home with a hat trick from Rooney, the little bastard)

01-06-2007, 10:42:38
ah forgot you had the 360 version. i think you'll be missing a bunch of those options then. still walrus can experiment.

agree on mathieu though, he's a brilliant DMF. nice and tall, great stats. matuidi as well, and the old favourite nasri too.

01-06-2007, 11:18:36
I tried Nasri, but didn't have the patience to grow him (I like his white shoes though)... might retry, but I don't really play AMF

I do
_______ CD - CD
___________CF________ LW

I tried replacing my SS by a AMF, but never got the results I wanted (my SS score most of my goals, my AMF don't, and don't compensate by enough killing passes)

Nasri's real life counterpart is emerging very nicely, and might be playing Ukraine this saturday, a big match for us. He is the new darling of the local media, the new Zidane (and he is understandably very irritated to have to shoulder this heavy tag)

Walrus Feeder
03-06-2007, 00:07:24
Some of these players are getting very familiar now. Mathieu is a quality brute of a player who can be lethal from free kicks. I used him to score a thunderbolt from 30 yards. Physical attributes always seem vital. I like my wingers to be as quick as possible and any central midfielders to be good at jumping up and winning headers.

A flat 442 never seems to be effective. I always prefer 3 at the back with a good attacking midfielder who can make through balls for strikers and who can arrive late in the box. This Gago i shelled out thousands of points for from Real Madrid is brilliant at everything.

The keepers do seem a bit crap though. Every slightly testing powerful shot they seem to fumble and i do seem to score from crosses a lot with headers/shots right down the centre!

04-06-2007, 09:39:30
the goalies certainly are very variable. worst behaviour is the way they run out when you bring them with the triangle button, they don't 'narrow the angle' but just run in such a way as to leave a bloody great hole.

personally i always play a 4-4-2 of some kind. i would like to play 3 at the back but you just get murdered on the wings. Don't know how you avoid that, do you play wing backs too?

my main bugbear with the game is the crapness of selecting your players on defense. even with manual select you can get in terrible situations where the computer will only switch you between players who are 'nearest' the attacker but yet in absolutely no position to reach him. normally i would like to select a player much deeper in defence who i can bring out to block their progress. very frustrating sometimes.

04-06-2007, 10:39:17
the worst is two of your own defenders bumping into of each other, knocking themselves off, and clearing the way for a goal

on goalies running out stupidlt, I score a lot of goals like that, so I don't complain

most of my goals now (I'd say two thrids) are from strikers through the center, outrunning defenders on the break, and shooting low on the ground (very light tap on button).

I score quite bit by camping in the box, and shooting on the rebound.

I understand other players score with a lot of headers, but I very rarely do that (my LW is a cut back bitch, dribbles and shoots, rarely centers)