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13-05-2007, 00:41:05
yes I was returning home afterwell, not much, and I pass outside a place, a neoclassical building actually which was deemed to be preserved but it is in ruins and it has been occupied by an anarchist group for years.

There was this very cool poster at the bar fence that surrounded the building. I saw a black clad anarchist locking the front door with a chain, waited a bit and then used my keys to cut loose this great poster! while I was at the end of cutting it some dog woke up and started barcking must have been a wolfdog as german shepherds are called. luckily i managed to cut the last tape free with my keys and steal the poster before the dog understood exactly where i was.

and now it's gonna adorn my living room :D vivere pericolozamente! I am the anarchist of the anaarchists :D

13-05-2007, 00:42:14
smooth and unnoticed

13-05-2007, 07:26:10

14-05-2007, 02:58:15
You've probably disillusioned them. :(

14-05-2007, 07:58:20
The anti-anarchrist!

14-05-2007, 11:24:20
post posters pics

Dyl Ulenspiegel
14-05-2007, 11:59:09
did the anarchists call the police?

Lurker the Second
14-05-2007, 13:59:16

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15-05-2007, 17:43:24

paiktis22 was much less crazy than you, you rebel